Partner Status

With either of the Umbraco Partner levels, Certified Partner and Gold Certified Partner, you have the assurance of a team well versed in Umbraco with proven experience implementing Umbraco sites.

Gold Certified Partners make a higher-level of commitment to Umbraco by financially supporting the core Umbraco CMS, thereby ensuring the health of the project on which their success is built.

The Umbraco Partner program has always been about promoting companies that have a proven Umbraco track record. By choosing a Certified Umbraco Partner, you can be sure that the company has developers who have attended the official Umbraco Training Course.

All Umbraco Certified Partners have made a commitment to Umbraco by having at least a total of 8 training days in house, these training days are a combination of the mandatory Fundamentals course and and additional 1-day course days on topics such as MVC, angular and application intergrations.

This ensures that certified partners have at least 2 dedicated developers ready with extensive Umbraco knowledge. 

Watch Gold Partner Next Digital explain why they chose Umbraco and became Gold Partners.


Gold Certified Partners have access to a direct line of support and architectural advising for all Umbraco projects. For any questions related to Umbraco, they have a direct line to the Umbraco HQ and core team for advice, bug-fixes and developer support.

Gold Certified Partners have unlimited access to all the productivity boosting add-ons offered by Umbraco HQ, ensuring that their developers work as efficient as possible.

Gold Certified Partners financially support the ongoing effort to identify and correct defects in the core Umbraco CMS by a dedicated team of developers. This direct support of quality ensures high quality code and always decreasing bugs, which benefits everyone in the Umbraco ecosystem.

Has attended official Umbraco Training yes yes
Has atleast 4 certifications yes yes
Unlimited access to support yes
Architectural Advising yes
Bug-fixing warranty yes
Unlimited access to all add-ons yes

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