Wednesday, February 24, 2010 by Niels Hartvig


Our annual Umbraco Conference - CodeGarden - is here again. On June 24-25th 2010 web developers, designers, editors and other Umbracians from all over the world will gather in Copenhagen for the sixth time. We opened registration last week and we're already past 70 attendees which means it took less than 48 hours to outnumber the number of attendees from 2005-2007!

CodeGarden is a phenomenal conference and THE conference to attend if you work with Umbraco or consider doing it. We've managed to keep the early bird price at EUR300 and that's a *steal* for three full days of talks from all the numero uno Umbraco experts and the fee is even including swag, awesome organic food and loads of surprises along the way.

ASP.NET MVC Pre conference

As we revealed last year, we're transitioning to Microsoft ASP.NET MVC for the next version of Umbraco - Umbraco 5 - which we're aiming to release Q1 2011. At last years CodeGarden, I also promised that we'd help to make this a smooth transition for everyone. And action speaks louder than words, so I'm proud that we're not only thinking about how the software works but also in how to raise the level of competence for people in the Umbraco community by arranging an MVC pre-conference day on the 23rd.

We've somehow managed to convince MVC experts Simone Chiaretta and Jon Galloway to come and do MVC bootcamps on the day before CodeGarden starts (June 23rd). It's free for all attendees and it's an absolutely stunning chance to get up to speed with the next generation of ASP.NET and the foundation of Umbraco 5.

Simone Chiaretta is an ASP.NET MVP and ASPInsider as well as the author of the Beginning ASP.NET MVC from Wrox. Jon Galloway is working at Microsoft and is the author of the coming Professional ASP.NET MVC 2.0.

Ensure your ticket today!

All the previous CodeGardens have sold out and the ticket sale this year has obviously blown us away. Make sure to register today - either before the price goes up or before CodeGarden10 is sold out.

Monday, February 22, 2010 by Niels Hartvig

Hello all,
It's Warren (The CWS guy) here I haven't blogged for Umbraco Corp for quite a while now, but its good to do a guest post again.

Last week Adam Shallcross from The Cogworks and myself from Xeed hosted the 5th Birthday party on 16th February 2010 in London and I'm glad to say it was a huge success, with around 75-80 people turning up to watch a jam packed day full of talks, birthday cake and mingling.

Some attendees at the 5th Birthday
Photo: Douglas Robar

Adam and me organised the day to be a fun day as possible, with each attendee getting a birthday goodie bag that included:

  • Umbraco pen
  • Umbraco & Our.Umbraco button badges
  • Umbraco paper pad for all those important notes
  • Drink Voucher
  • Party popper
  • Party hat

Umbraco button badges that attendees received
Photo: Warren Buckley


The day's schedule was as follows:

  • Per from Umbraco - The history of Umbraco & what is to come in the future
  • William Coleman & Mark Quirk from Microsoft UK - Upcoming tech (.NET4, Azure, Silverlight)
  • Chris Houston from Vizioz.com - CMS Mailer
  • Paul Marden from Orcare.com - Google Checkout
  • Adam Shallcross & Tim Saunders from The CogWorks - Integrating systems not just CMS
  • Benjamin Howarth - Medium Trust
  • Neil Tootell & Julien Decaudin from SAS Design - SAS Design 2009 Projects
  • Alex Norcliffe & Peter Miller from CondeNast - Cloud computing & scalability
  • SWAG Raffle


Chris Houston from Vizioz.com - CMS Mailer

Paul Marden from orcare.com - Google Checkout

Benjamin Howarth from Code Gecko Developments - Medium Trust for Umbraco

Neil Tootell & Julien Decaudin from sasdesign.co.uk - 2009 Projects

Alex Norcliffe & Peter Miller from CondeNast Digital - Cloud computing & scalability


Paul Marden from Orcare has done a great job of recording these videos and putting them up onto Vimeo.com

Want to see photos of the event?

As always our budding "umbraco" photographer Douglas Robar of Percipient Studios has put his photos online at Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/percipientstudios/sets/72157623392288216/

Want to watch a room full of developers sing Happy Birthday to Umbraco?


Would like to say thanks again to The Cogworks and Xeed to help fund the event and also thanks to Microsoft UK for giving us some nice SWAG to give away.


Warren :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010 by Niels Hartvig

We got a lot of users in North America - in fact it's the number one visiting country on this website - but we've never had a good (official) way to support them. So to find a way, we went on a company retreat and had some unexpected help:

More (serious) details coming next week.

Friday, February 5, 2010 by Niels Hartvig

Umbraco got the worlds most friendly community. Period. With more than 5.000 individuals helping each other every month it can be hard to pinpoint who's doing more than others, but there are Umbracians who're putting an almost unbelievable effort in answering questions on the forum, producing killer packages and sharing knowledge in the wiki and blog posts.

To show how much we appreciate their work, we made the Umbraco MVP - Most Valued People (*not* professionals) program in 2007. If you take a look at the ten different people who've previously received the MVP award, I'm sure you'll find out that they helped you when you started with Umbraco and that your Umbraco sites are using their packages.

Previously it was Per and I who decided who got to be MVPs, but last year we decided to change that. Let the people who've received help be the ones who choose the MVPs. So we invented the Karma system on Our and we've used that to make a shortlist of the twenty candidates for the 2010 MVP award:

Cast your vote before March 1st 2010

To narrow this down to five MVPs, please take your time to vote for your favorite candidate. For more details, please check the voting page on Our Umbraco.

Congratulations to all twenty people who made this list and let the best five win!