Wednesday, June 30, 2010 by Niels Hartvig

Three days of Umbraco love with 250 Umbricians in Copenhagen came to a close late Friday afternoon on 25 June 2010.  A collective sigh of disappointment that Codegarden was over and a gasp of excitement about the potential for using all that was learned was felt by the crowd.  While some walked away with fabulous prizes (leather biker vest!) all left with a deeper knowledge of the Umbraco project and the technology underneath and around it.  There was no doubt the community is what makes Umbraco successful and all who came to Codegarden participated in a meaningful way.

(all photos courtesy of Doug Robar - thanks Doug!)

Codegarden 2010 consisted of a one-day pre-conference focusing on ASP.NET MVC followed by a day of keynotes and sessions and a final day of open-space discussions.

ASP.NET MVC Bootcamp

We had the pleasure of hosting Simone Chiaretta, Jon Galloway and Steven Sanderson who delivered a two-track ASP.NET MVC bootcamp.  In preparation for the upcoming Umbraco 5 release, which is based on ASP.NET MVC, we offered this pre-conference day free for all attendees.  The response was very good with nearly 200 attendees present for the day.

(all photos courtesy of Doug Robar - thanks Doug!)

This day corresponded with the Scandinavian Midsummer celebration and, in true Umbraco community fashion, the entire group of attendees, speakers, and various hangers-on boarded a pair of canal tour boats for a turn around Copenhagen's canals to view the festivities from the water.  It was difficult to determine if the real spectacle was the groups of Danes gathered around bonfires burning witch effigies or the canal boats full of Umbricians flying the Umbraco Pirate flag.


Day one of Codegarden dawned bright (as expected) as the official conference (er, festival) kicked off with Alexander Kjerulf (aka The Chief Happiness Officer) talking about Happiness at Work.  The site and sound of over 250 attendees greeting each other with an enthusiastic high-five and "You Rock!" was a fitting opening to the enthusiasm of Codegarden.

Umbraco 4.5

As Niels Hartvig presented the Umbraco keynote we released Umbraco 4.5 - an amazing release that is more stable, much more performant, and has more features than any release to date.  The response was, and is, overwhelming and something the entire community can be proud of. 


Not only did we release a new version of Umbraco but we also released a new version of the Umbraco Community site, known as Our 2.0.  Taking community feedback from the past year, we gave the community site some serious attention, and it shows.  More proof that the community is the most important part of Umbraco.

Core Team Developer of the Year

While every member of the Umbraco Core Team is an exceptional developer who gives generously of his time, this year we decided to award the most productive developer (as measured by source-code commits) the title of 'Umbraco Core Team Developer of the Year.'  This year's award goes to Shannon Deminick and it is well deserved.


Most Valuable People

By community vote we awarded five Umbricians the title of MVP.  This year's Umbraco MVPs are:  Dirk De Grave, Lee Kelleher, Warren Buckley, Richard Soeteman and Doug Robar.  Congratulations to these five amazing community members!

Karma Fund

We also announced the creation of the Karma Fund.  In short, this is a 10.000 EUR fund to be awarded to the top five packages, as determined by community awarded Karma points, at next year's Codegarden.  If Umbraco Community recognition was not enough, the 10.000 EUR Karma Fund is our way of giving back to the best CMS community in the world!


Codegarden is not complete without a few rounds of Umbraco Bingo, and this year was no exception.  The fabulous prizes this year ranged from a USB vacuum signed by 'The Umbracos' to a photo-realistic painting of the core team in repose. 

(all photos courtesy of Doug Robar - thanks Doug!)

Demonstrating that we are never ones to take ourselves too seriously the bingo round was briefly interrupted by Niels shouting 'bring in the horns' and the entrance of a brass band which proceeded to march through the conference venue come bingo hall.

(all photos courtesy of Doug Robar - thanks Doug!)

Open Space

This year the second conference day was again given over to the community as the day's agenda was defined by the attendees.  Forming what may well have been one of the largest open-space opening circles ever the agenda quickly filled up.

(all photos courtesy of Doug Robar - thanks Doug!)

There was some incredible output from the open-space day.  Some of our favorites are the Umbraco Core Values and the multi-node picker source

Packages and Skins

The final (official) event of Codegarden is the package and skins contest…always an entertaining exercise in how many things can go wrong in a seven-minute demo.  The package contest winner was Shannon Deminick's multi-node tree picker and the skin contest winner was Warren Buckley's retro theme.


The Best CMS Community in the World

Umbraco Codegarden is truly the community's event and the Umbraco Community again demonstrated why this is the way it should be.  We at Umbraco HQ are honored that such a large, diverse, and generous community has chosen Umbraco and supports the project and the rest of the community with generous contributions of time, effort, money, and humor. 

Can't wait to see you at Umbraco Codegarden 2011 - 15-17 June 2011 in Copenhagen.