Umbraco 5.0 RTM is on CodePlex, ready for download

Tuesday, January 31, 2012 by Alex Norcliffe

534529467_f0ebb68dbbToday is a pretty big milestone for the Umbraco 5 team. It's the end of January 2012, we've had seven progressively stable preview builds over the past months, and now it's time to put a stake in the ground.

After a lot of hard work, late nights, and invaluable help from the community testing our many preview builds, we've hit our first production milestone.

Umbraco 5.0 RTM is on CodePlex!

Please do grab a copy - take two, if you like - it's free after all!

Thanks to you

imageThis is a release build and includes all of the fixes from the RC3 which we put out there last Wednesday. Since that time, we've already had almost 1000 downloads, which has made us incredibly proud. From our testing and that of the reported issues, it's ready for you to build your next live website.


This is called "version 5 of Umbraco", but it's important to remember the history of the v5 project. We always intended to respect the vibrant culture and history of the Umbraco CMS as it has gone so far, and make a product that was on a fresh & rewritten technology stack but enabling the same common goals.

Our target for "5-point-0" out of the box is the most commonly used features of 4.7. We have a lot of features in 5.0 that enable you to go into production for the vast majority of site builds, and we have taken an approach of getting the core features done first - and stable.

We are now going to be iterating quickly with new features as the months progress, so that we reach feature parity with 4.7 and move beyond that quickly. So, yes it's like a "1.0" in some senses, but it already has a tonne of features that we think make it a great CMS.

  • Design and produce templates quickly using the excellent Razor syntax
  • Access your content in those templates using an intuitive dynamic API for both querying and walking up and down your content structure
  • Tailor content types with a variety of customisable fields, meaning you can focus on your content structure without a hard link to its layout
  • Use multiple templates with pages so you can easily adjust to your site's needs, do A/B testing, cater for mobile handsets, or generate RSS feeds
  • Have document types that inherit from one or more other types, making it simple to organise common fields for things like SEO that are shared across all of your articles
  • Create, preview and publish content in a naturally organised way using folders that can automatically create your site navigation, if you like
  • Create, preview and publish media and other types of assets
  • Store those assets on your server or in the cloud
  • Use a rich set of permissions to tailor backoffice access for your editing team
  • Plug in your own existing data in a way that Umbraco natively understands, rather than the only option being to migrate everything under Umbraco's control
  • Plug in your own backoffice editors, dashboards, and custom trees
  • Expose the underlying MVC stack for mixing in your own application, controllers and views with the content-managed portion
  • Share common pieces of functionality like Macros with your team
  • Share your own data providers, common templates, handy helpers and more using NuGet packages
  • Have those packages dynamically add configuration to a user's website so that uninstalling rolls back configuration seamlessly

There are many more, but you didn't come here for a list of bullet points - here's that download link again!

Documentation & help

In the next few weeks we'll be hard at work making tutorials, documentation and answering questions on the Our forums. Warren has already got off to a great start with some example Macros for common scenarios.

Here's to a bright future

5.0 is a great foundation for you to build on now, but we aren't stopping here. In the coming months we'll be focussing on adding great support for backoffice editing of your own membership data, and add some great APIs for reading and writing data to Hive in your own controllers and packages. We'll also be adding a few exotic things such as distributed caching and the like - if you have a feature idea, feel free to add it to our issue tracker and appeal for votes!


You might have seen the post I put up earlier this month about our approach to performance tuning as we approached RTM, and I also mentioned it in a recent uNews-letter. If not, or at least to put it here for posterity, here's a few of those figures.

I've been using the same content within each build of v5, and the same load script on my own development machine for each test run. It basically uses all 4 cores on my machine to both generate and serve the load from my local IIS.

Database & Build

Total time for 50 requests

Equivalent requests per second

RC1 44.514s 1.12
RC2 29.902s 1.67
Mid-Jan 18.839s 2.65
RC3 1.693s 29.53
RTM 0.228s 219.30
Sql Server 2008 R2    
RC1 25.487s 1.96
RC2 11.681s 4.28
Mid-Jan 5.665s 8.82
RC3 1.645s 30.39
RTM 0.134s 373.13

To put those final figures into context, I re-ran the test against RTM with 1000 requests instead, and obtained around 2900rps.

This seems a steady improvement followed by an astronomical leap, what could it be?

It's a technique commonly referred to as "micro-caching". By default, the base controller that serves Umbraco 5 RTM requests caches the page output for 1 second. This technique sits on top of the existing steady improvements in the codebase, and provides the icing on the cake to help if your websites get a high peak load. So it's a setting that you might not notice in daily use (unless you're hitting refresh .. a lot), but your server will thank you if you get a sudden influx of traffic.

You can of course tweak this if you prefer; the setting is in configuration, and we'll be enabling more settings and handy "set it and forget it" defaults like this as we add features in the future.

Happy downloading!

To those of you who have followed us along the way, and to those who have helped us code and test, a massive thank you. And to those who will be helping us in the future, too. Have fun with Umbraco 5, and please do let us know what you think.

Here's that download link one more time.

All the best

Team 5

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  1. Gravatar ImageJames Drever Says:

    Fantastic achievement! Can't wait to start using it for real!

  2. Gravatar ImagePaul Says:

    A big HELL YEAH!! - Well done guys

  3. Gravatar ImageJeroen Breuer Says:


    The future of Umbraco is here :).

  4. Gravatar ImageJoris van Ekert Says:

    Nice work people of Umbraco!

  5. Gravatar ImageJonathan Saxon Says:

    Yeah well done guys

  6. Gravatar ImageSander Houttekier Says:

    Awesome, congrats with the great product you built there...
    hope the core team cracks a few bottles on this subject :)

    now, i like the thoughts for future features, how exotic they may be,
    though, does that mean everything important from v4 is possible in v5 already, or are there still some key features to be implemented?

    in any case, don't worry about any of that tonight, lets celebrate!

  7. Gravatar ImageRichard Soeteman Says:

    Well done guys. Congrats with this release. I'm sure V5 will be a huge success!


  8. Gravatar ImageBerdia Says:

    Well done!! Impressive! Big fan of Umbraco. Will grab a copy now.

  9. Gravatar ImageJason Says:

    Great job guys! I'm very impressed with v5.0 so far and can't wait to see what it's like by CodeGarden!


  10. Gravatar Images Says:

    If It is possible to update to V5 from V4, thanks?

  11. Gravatar ImageChad Rosenthal Says:

    Congrats! Is there a specific list of features that has not made it into v5?

  12. Gravatar ImageLinus Says:


  13. Gravatar ImageJesper Ordrup Says:

    Really looking forward to working with V5. Congratulations are in order. Stop staring at the download counter and open some bubbles :-)


  14. Gravatar ImageJesper Ordrup Says:

    Amaaazing performance numbers for RTM :-)

  15. Gravatar ImageDan Silverlock Says:

    Sweet! Sweet! Sweet!

    Congrats to all those who contributed. We couldn't do what we do without! Really looking forward to our first launch using Umbraco 5!

  16. Gravatar ImageAnthony Says:

    Well done team and a huge thanks from this guy. I'm looking forward to build my first V5 website, also looking forward to Level 1 and Level 2 course for V5. And last but not least, looking forward to CG12

    Cheers and have a sparkling evening (notch notch)

  17. Gravatar ImagePauli Østerø Says:


  18. Gravatar ImageRichard Says:

    Awesome job! Well done everyone involved. Can't wait to get started with it.

  19. Gravatar Imageatchoume Says:

    Good, good very good news and many thanks for your job

  20. Gravatar ImagePeter Says:

    Great news. AWESOME work!

  21. Gravatar ImageAngel Says:

    Congratulation guys! Wonderful work. We have downloaded Umbraco 5 and have already started the work for a client!

  22. Gravatar ImageVincent Hendriks Says:

    Congrats! Looking forward to using 5.0! Does any1 have an overview/ list of missing features compared to 4.7? I don't mind if some of it is missing, depending on what it is ;)

  23. Gravatar ImageDan Diplo Says:

    Great news! You took a brave decision re-architecting the entire project, but I think it's one that will pay dividends in the future. Awesome work!

  24. Gravatar ImageSimplicio Jison Jr. Says:

    Congratulation Guys . So Sweet!

  25. Gravatar ImageBilly Koch Says:

    Heck yea! You released it in time for this one major project I wanted to work on using Umbraco5! Awesome work everyone!!!

  26. Gravatar ImagePhilip Says:

    You made it within January, good hussle.

  27. Gravatar ImageKieron McIntyre Says:

    Awesome news guys! Congratulations! I am sooo looking forward to seeing this grow into something spectacular, even more than how awesome 4.7 is. Did I say how awesome this is?

  28. Gravatar ImageJohn Sheppard Says:

    Very exciting. Thank you all for your very hard and intelligent work.

  29. Gravatar ImageJohn Sheppard Says:

    Very exciting. Thank you all for your very hard and intelligent work.

  30. Gravatar ImageGareth Evans Says:

    Hi, Could you confirm what hardware you were running on for the performance metrics above?

  31. Gravatar ImageJeanne d'Arc Uwatowenimana Says:


  32. Gravatar ImageBogdan Nedelcu Says:

    I performed some independent tests in our lab.

    Command used: ab.exe -n 100000 -c FOO http://...
    The page targeted was the "Welcome to the Book Club example!"
    Database was sqlce. Windows 2008 was clean installed and the RTM version of Umbraco 5 was deployed with default settings.

    Tool used: ApacheBench 2.3
    Number of requests for each test: 100,000

    Concurrency Level / Requests per second / Time peer request (ms)
    50 / 355.46 / 140.661
    100 / 123.46 / 809.967
    200 / 93.08 / 2148.773
    300 / 64.86 / 4625.449
    1000 / 88.75 / 11267.527
    2000 / apr_socket_recv: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

    The hardware as follows:

    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 2.13 Ghz
    Mainboard; Intel Q965, FSB 1066 Mhz, 2 slots of RAM
    RAM: 2 GB DDR2 PC2-6400 (400Mhz)
    HDD – Seagate Barracuda ST320DM000 320GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache

    Tests performed over a Gigabit LAN.

    Conclusion: Excelent job for the authors of v5, the results are impressive !!!

  33. Gravatar ImageRenzo Koning Says:

    I already love UMBRACO but love this one even more! Keep up the good work.

  34. Gravatar ImagePriya Says:

    I am not able to find the UMBRACO 5 realease?
    where can i get the umbraco 5 ?
    I want to run my umbraco 5 website.
    It would be great if some one help me.

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