Contour 3.0 is out!

Thursday, November 22, 2012 by Tim Geyssens

The new version of our official form designer is available for download and use today!


Wondering what’s new in this version, you can read all about the new features.

Get it

Like usual, you can find the package on it’s project page over at

Getting started

After downloading and installation the package you’ll have fully functional forms on your site within minutes, for a quick getting started guide check out this post.


Have an existing Contour installation you want to upgrade well upgrading from version 1.x to 3.0 is free (so if you have an existing license it will still be valid), to upgrade please follow the instructions on the project page.

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  1. Gravatar ImageFuji Kusaka Says:

    Thanks for the hard work and dedication Tim

  2. Gravatar ImageTom Says:

    Can someone tell me if Contour 3.0 is compatible with Umbraco If not, what version is, and how do I download it?

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