Close, but no cigar

Friday, December 28, 2012 by Sebastiaan Janssen

In this last progress blog post of the year, I’m here to tell you that v6 is being delayed a little bit.

Internal testing revealed some issues that require some extra time to fix and properly test, I felt like we shouldn’t release this just yet. It’s frustrating because we’re SO close, but we need a few more fixes and some more testing before we’re happy to show you this work.
Who releases something on the Friday between Christmas and newyears anyway? ;-)

Close -but -no -cigar

If you really can’t wait, there is always the nightlies for you to check out. As of build 92, we switched a lot of the backoffice calls to use the new API and while most things are working, there is still some friction there.
We know of a few bugs that you might run into, like some datatypes producing a nasty error that can’t be fixed easily and a few packages not working yet.

Package developers who are bored of spending time with their families should also check if their packages are still working.
I tested the top 30 packages and have worked with some of their developers already to work out some bugs, but some of them are still failing, we’re looking into that but it would be a great help if you could tell us why things aren’t working, after all you know your code way more intimately than we do.

Things you can expect to break are:

  • The upgrade to MVC4 and therefore Razor 2.0 leads to stricter checking of misplaced @ signs. For details, issue 1143.
  • If your code does queries to the cmsTab table of the tabId column in cmsPropertyType, you will get errors because they have been renamed, details in issue 1353.
  • Enthusiastic developers who have already implemented the IPublishedContent interface introduced in 4.11 will notice a slight change to support the Url property, see issue 1065.
  • If you do direct queries to the umbracoApp and umbracoAppTree tables, you will notice they are now removed (they have been empty since 4.10), more info in issue 682.

We’re looking forward to see any other issues you may find so we can make this release better!

One other thing I’m really proud of is that, not only are we delivering a great CMS for you, we also sometimes feel that we need to fix third party tools that we like using. As you may now, in v6 we’ll be using PetaPoco to do all of our data access, but there was one problem: it didn’t fully support medium trust.
Morten and Shannon have worked together to make sure we can still support medium trust by fixing PetaPoco and Shannon made a pull request for his fix. I love open source!

By the way, we’re still doing nightly builds of 4.11.2 as well and I’m holding of the release of that version a little longer until we can put in a fix for the NiceUrl issues some people are experiencing. However, I can recommend everybody using 4.11.1 to upgrade (just overwrite the bin folder, that’s all) to get all of these lovely fixes.

Finally, on a personal note let me just say that I’m so happy that in the past few months we’ve made huge progress on improving Umbraco’s core, introducing MVC into Umbraco, an overall focus on higher quality releases and getting a LOT of community help through pull requests, patches, etc.
Thank you all, I am super excited to continue this work in 2013!

Wishing you a very Umbraco new year!

7 comment(s) for “Close, but no cigar”

  1. Gravatar ImageKevin Lawrence Says:

    To be honest I'm not surprised, and I'd rather wait for a more complete release anyhow, you guys have worked your socks off this year and what you've achieved thus far is outstanding, keep up the good work, I can't wait for v6 :-)

  2. Gravatar ImageAmir Khan Says:

    Is there a feature matrix of sorts comparing v6 to v4.11.x? When is the new UI for the Umbraco backend I saw some posting about becoming available?

    Happy New Year!

  3. Gravatar ImageSebastiaan Says:

    Feature-wise 6 hasn't changed much, it just all the underlying API's that are shifting (Content and Media first for now).
    So if you want to know more, go explore the ApplicationContext.Current.Services.Conent/MediaService.

    The new UI ("project Belle") is coming when it's done. :-) No dates yet, it will be a matter of months. As soon as we have a clearer schedule we'll blog about it.

  4. Gravatar ImageEric Schrepel Says:

    Tried updating from 4.11.1 to 4.11.2 by just copying /bin folder and ended up with "can't load script file" errors everywhere a razor macro should have appeared.

  5. Gravatar ImageSebastiaan Janssen Says:

    @Eric there is nothing in 4.11.2 that could cause that, could you try touching the global.asax file (just put a space in it and save it) to see if that helps? Sounds like the plugincache is in an invalid state and this helps clear it.

    If it doesn't help, make sure to create an issue and provide as much info as you can, especially what errors you see when you add ?umbDebugShowTrace=true to your url.

  6. Gravatar ImageMichael Says:

    I'm so frustrated - just got 4.11.1. After i got 'logged out' (timeout) my whole content tree and alle other sections are gone after a fresh install.

    *try to right click your content tree* well it's not F*** there, but it was 10 seconds ago with new documents etc etc.

    It's annoying to watch new builds when there so many issues for every single version... U guys need to sharpen up...

  7. Gravatar ImageSebastiaan Janssen Says:

    Hey Michael, sorry to hear about your trouble with 4.11.1. I recommend posting a question on as this does not sound like a common problem, I've definitely not seen it before.

    Include as much info as you can, especially have a look at any javascript errors you may be getting.


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