Umbraco 6, training and jobs

Friday, December 28, 2012 by Per Ploug

Umbraco 6 is coming soon, and its arrival marks another huge step forward for us, as it is the culmination of the very ambitious plan we announced just 6 months ago.

This previous Summer we promised everyone that we would fully support ASP.NET MVC, implement new and better API’s, a faster and cleaner request pipeline and a completely new datalayer.

With the coming Umbraco 6, we will be delivering a massive amount of improvements and new features, which will make the way you build Umbraco sites change for the better.

Getting training up to speed

As Umbraco the CMS is progressing at a high pace, so must the rest of our company. We’re currently working hard on getting new courses ready, so we can teach all these new things to developers, as well as preparing a new site, which will also cover all the new things in Umbraco 6.

For webdesigners on the Level 1 masterclass, we’re taking a much closer look at how the new uComponents data controls can be used to create powerful editing UI’s and dig into the much improved media section, both features added in the last couple of months.

For .Net developers, the training will especially cover all the new API’s and how you use them to create content, media and modify existing data. We will also explore the new options included in the MVC support, such as views, partial views, Surface Controllers and the API’s associated with using MVC.

The first round of these new courses will take place in Copenhagen in January and then London and Seattle in February.

In demand

Everywhere you look these days, you see a high demand for developers who have experience with Umbraco and MVC, which is just a perfect fit with Umbraco 6 and its support for MVC.

Just a couple of the current open positions:

Get a head start

If you haven’t already, get your hands on one of the nightly builds of Umbraco 6 and explore the new features, and even better, invest in your job and future by becoming a Certified Umbraco 6 developer at one of our Master Classes in January and February, there is no faster way to get into Umbraco than this

Think an Umbraco Masterclass is something for you? see our training schedule.

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