CG12 Session - Rebuilding 'Node Selector' in V5, from .proj start to .nuget end

Wednesday, March 21, 2012 by Warren Buckley

To continue the blog post series of confirmed sessions for the annual Umbraco conference CodeGarden. I caught up briefly with fellow HQ colleague, Shannon Deminick to tell me about his session at this years CodeGarden conference.

Warren: So Shannon Can you tell us what your session is called for CodeGarden?
Shannon: It's called 'Rebuilding the Node Selector in V5, from .proj start to .nuget end'

Warren: That sound's like a neat title, but what is the Node Selector?
Shannon: Well you would have known it as Multi Node Tree Picker aka MNTP from the uComponents package, but in V5 it has been given a more appropriate name of the Node Selector.

Warren: So what will your session cover?
Shannon: Well as the title suggests I will dissect the Node Selector for V5 and take you through each step as to how I built it for V5, from creating a Visual Studio project all the way through to creating a V5 Nuget package out of it. In addition to guiding you through some best practices in creating plugins, this session will show off some of the cool gems and inner workings of v5 that you will probably want to know about.

Warren: That sounds like a killer session. I know I will be there, to see if I can pick up some tips from you!


Shannon Deminick

shannon-deminickShannon has worked on the Umbraco core for 4 years since pre 4.0. He's developed Examine and ClientDependency frameworks as well as founded the uComponents project and created the most popular v4 DataType: MNTP (Multi node tree picker). Shannon has since worked on the v5 codebase since its inception and has been the lead developer for much of the MVC portion of the codebase. He regularly blogs about both Umbraco and ASP.Net MVC @


So that's another CodeGarden session confirmed that you know about and it sounds like it will be a great session to attend. If you haven't already bought your ticket I highly recommend you buy it now to avoid disappointment.

Keep an eye on this blog as we post more confirmed sessions and other great info about CodeGarden as time goes on.
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  1. Gravatar ImageJeroen Breuer Says:

    Definitely going to this session. Node Selector rules!

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