Tuesday, February 26, 2013 by Per Ploug

Codegarden - the annual Umbraco 3-day festival is getting closer and closer, and as is tradition each year, we now have a dedicated site online, all about the event at

Codegarden is 3 days of focused Umbraco sharing, networking and learning. For designers, developers and companies who work with Umbraco, this is the one event you cannot miss. So make sure you secure your tickets as fast as you can, early bird tickets end on April 1st.

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This year’s designer

This year Sara Blake has designed the stunning floral center-piece on the site, she’s an amazing artist located in New York and has been fantastic to work with, so be sure to see her work at The rest of the site was done internally here at the HQ based on Sara’s work.


We already have a good deal of the speakers secured for this event and will be blogging about their sessions each week from now and until Codegarden, so be sure to keep an eye on the blog and @codegarden. We have some amazing speakers lined up this year, which I’m really looking forward to share with you.

Suggest a session

There is of course also plenty of room for community involvement and suggestions, so be sure to suggest a topic or speaker if you have something you would really love to see, you can do that here - and don’t be scared, Codegarden is not a tech conference, so let us hear about your passion for UX, your javascript library or what you learned from building a site in Umbraco, it doesn’t have to be tech mumbo-jumbo to fit into Codegarden.


Thats right, after a short hiatus, we are bringing back the Umbraco Community MVPs, voting will start on March 1st, shortlisted from the karma highscore list. So be sure to vote and support your favourite community member.

Open space

Yes, this year will also have a full day of open space on day 3. After last years massive open space session. which lead to several great discussions and initiatives, it is here to stay.

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    This is great news about launching I will buy tickets and surely give my vote to my favorite community member. The planning of 3 days of networking, sharing and learning will surely help any person. Thanks for sharing the information.

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