Codegarden session: Responsive Imaging

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 by Per Ploug

We have a new session to announce for this years Codegarden: Responsive Imaging by none other than Nathanael Jones

Codegarden, is the annual 3-day Umbraco conference, early bird tickets are available untill April 1st.

For those who don't know Nathanael, he is the man behind one of the most popular .net components: "ImageResizer" - and at the same time one of the people on earth who knows most about handling images on the web. 

Scott Hanselman has a very positive review of ImageResizer, as Nuget Package of the week.

 At Codegarden, Nathanael will talk about Responsive Imaging, how you handle images as part of responsive webdesign, from his session abstract:

Images are a time-consuming part of content management. How can we improve this while supporting an ever-growing range of devices? How do we gain agility while offering even more image variants?

Image management doesn't have to be hard. We will examine packages, techniques, and libraries that can simplify your workflow.

Even with messy photo collections of varying aspect ratios, there are easy ways to implement image galleries, light-boxes, slideshows, and Pinterest-style layouts.

How should you handle exponential growth of media assets? How do you transition to blob storage and a CDN? 

As websites grow more image-heavy each year, how can we leverage new formats like WebP and JPEG XR to cut bandwidth costs and delays?

And last, how can we provide future-proof responsive images *today*?

If you havn't already, I highly recommend that you get your ticket now, we have so many high-quality sessions lined up this year, that you will be forever sorry you decided to stay home, register now and save 150eur

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