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Friday, March 22, 2013 by Tim Geyssens has been around for a while and a valuable resource for both newcomers to Umbraco as well as seasoned devs wanting to keep up to date. Today we are thrilled to announce the beta launch of our revamped video tutorials site.


Launching with 2 hours of fresh material

5 chapters of new episodes are available today with a total of 33 videos (covering just over 2 hours) learning you the basics to get started with building Umbraco sites. All of these of course cover the latest and greatest Umbraco v6.

New content bi-weekly

We are aiming at having a steady stream of new content coming in bi-weekly, to make sure you are up to date with the latest topics.

Desktop, mobile, tablet

Of course the site is accessible from any device with an internet connection so you should be able to learn from your desktop, mobile and tablet devices. You can even resume a video between devices! And we made sure the video and audio quality is up to standards.

Earn badges

To make sure you fully understand the content of the videos you can  test your knowledge by taking a multiple choice quiz for each chapter. If you score at least 80% you’ll earn a new badge for your profile.

Login with your existing account

Although the tv site is now seperated from you won’t need to register again but can just login with your account. Everyone with an active tv subscription should have access. If you are interested in getting a subscription please take a look at our plans (access starting from €12,50 a month).

It’s a beta

Remember it’s a beta launch so you might encounter some minor glitches but by helping us test and provide feedback we can get those final issues sorted!

So what are you waiting for go take a look!

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  1. Gravatar ImageStephanie Pfefferkorn Says:

    Just to let you know that the beta site is running terribly (Sat Morn, March 23) In every browser. Multiple 502 errors, multiple js errors, bad playback

  2. Gravatar ImageAlan Says:

    First let me say that I love Umbraco. I think the biggest barrier to an individual adopting it is the lack of up to date documentation and learning resources so something like Umbraco TV is essential. That being said - I think the price points are way off. Nearly 20 euro pm with only 2hrs of up to date material? And it's not even guaranteed to be stable (in Beta). Have you seen the volume of resources for nearly the same price from Pluralsight? To encourage wider adoption of this great CMS access to relevant and up-to-date learning material is essential and so is the value of the subscription. My 2 cents! Keep up the good work!

  3. Gravatar ImageHartvig Says:

    @Alan: Thanks for the feedback.

    Remember that the new Umbraco.TV is in beta, so it's *not* what you pay 19 EUR a month for. It's the more than 10 hours of dedicated Umbraco material available on the current with most of the material still fully relevant for the latest Umbraco 6.

    We're working hard on making the library on the beta site fully up to date with new v6 material and once it's in place it'll come out of beta.

    And in terms of value - 19 EUR is a tiny fraction of what people working professionally with Umbraco get paid, so I'd say it's a bargain compared to the productivity increase it brings.

  4. Gravatar ImageSjors Pals Says:

    I think that it will be cool if people can purchase individual video's.

  5. Gravatar ImageLaurence Gillian Says:

    Good luck with this. My only advice would be why not offer a bit of a tease, 1st video for free.. new user watches video, understands the value and then subscribes.

    All the internet based websites that take my money, tend to be the ones that draw me in, and then make it super simple for me to part with my money without a second of doubt.

    Look forward to seeing this develop :) Happy easter! Lau

  6. Gravatar ImageNiels Hartvig Says:

    Great feedback - keep it coming!

    @Laurence: Once we're ready with full content, we'll have free videos like we've always have

    @Sjors: At 19 EUR for all the videos you can watch in a month, it's hard to find a pricing that makes sense for a single video :)

  7. Gravatar ImageAlan Says:

    Thanks Neils. I see your point about value of investment to return. It is still hard to see why a monthly subscription makes sense when it's quite possible to watch the circa 12 hrs of relevant material in the first month. Then you are paying for continued access to videos you've already seen. My argument would be null and void if there were regular new videos to justify a subscription model. I just haven't seen that over the past couple of years on Umbraco TV and if that changes going forward then all the better and I look forward to being a paid-up and happy subscriber.

  8. Gravatar ImageKevon Says:

    Awesome, can't wait.

  9. Gravatar ImageSam Says:

    Having the same issues Stephanie Pfefferkorn reported on March 23rd. Multiple 502 errors, videos stopping every couple seconds to buffer, videos stopping randomly (video goes black with no sound), in IE10 the "continue video" javascript pop-ups black out the screen but don't pop up the Yes/No box, not adding check to videos that do get completed.

    Definitely looks like you're heading in the right direction though. The site looks great and is organized much better than the current TV site. Also like that the content appears to be done using more recent versions of the CMS.

  10. Gravatar ImageSam Says:

    Turns out I probably shouldn't have been able to view it at all. Figured since it was in Beta it was open to public. Didn't have a subscription.

    However, I just had work buy me a subscription to I have access to the old videos, but it won't recognize my login on the new beta site.

    When I try "Forgot Password", it kicks me over to to retrieve. The screen refreshes, but it doesn't seem to send the email. Wondering if it is because I was already logged into the account. Because I was already logged in, I was able to update my password. Unfortunately, still doesn't recognize.

  11. Gravatar ImageJuanK Says:

    I've tried in chome , terrible results. Suprisingly in IE10 all videos are running smoother with 0 problems at this time.

  12. Gravatar ImageLee Cichanowicz Says:

    I'm having the same problem as Sam: My credentials don't work on the beta site.

  13. Gravatar ImageScott McClannahan Says:

    Can't login - I get this error when I try to login to the beta site: Error: System.ArgumentException: The loginname must be different from an empty string Parameter name: loginName at umbraco.cms.businesslogic.member.Member.MakeNew(String Name, String LoginName, String Email, MemberType mbt, User u) at umbraco.cms.businesslogic.member.Member.MakeNew(String Name, MemberType mbt, User u) at Mother.Webforms.Converter.ToUmbraco.GetMember(Member motherMember, String defaultMemberType, Boolean onlyNewValues) at Mother.Webforms.GlobalExtensions.MapToLocalMember(Member member, String defaultMemberType, Boolean onlyNewValues) at Mother.Webforms.Profiles.UpdateLocalProfile(Guid id) at Mother.Webforms.Profiles.Login(String email, String password, IEnumerable`1 AllowedGroups) at Umbraco.TV.MVCBridge.Controllers.MemberAuthController.Login(TVMemberLoginViewModel model)

  14. Gravatar ImageMike wasmer Says:

    It would be nice if in the new site you also exposed a way to watch the videos that does not require a plugin, so that people can watch them on an iPad or android device.

  15. Gravatar ImageBlake Says:

    This is pretty awesome. Thank you for the videos and new features. The badges will make it fun to go back and watch the videos. I know it is still beta, I'm not sure where to post feedback so I'll just share here. I watched the install section and took the quiz. I have the badge on my profile but under the recently watched videos, nothing shows up. The details says "still hasn't watched any videos yet". Thanks for all the hard work!

    P.S. - I agree with Mike, maybe a future thing to implement but being able to view the videos on iPad/iPhone would be great.

    Thank you!

  16. Gravatar ImageShaun Chatterton Says:

    I have to say I'm suffering the same problems in November, both on the old and new sites. buffering, hanging.

    I paid up quite happily, and can really see the value in it, but this movie player you are using doesn't play nice.

  17. Gravatar ImageTim Geyssens Says:

    We have just move our vids and you should notice a huge performance boost in streaming :)

    @shaun has been testing and he responds: That's working splendidly now! Not an ounce of bufferage.

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