The Umbraco Retreat

Sunday, June 9, 2013 by Niels Hartvig

Retreat 2013 - Photo by Douglas Robar

This weekend I’m in a country house together with 15 fantastic Umbraco people. We’re talking about the core, the community, the project and where all of it should head the next twelve months. Being the sixth year in a row to do that, it’s fair to say that it has become a tradtion – and a good one. It even has a name – The Umbraco Retreat.

When I created Umbraco back in 2003, it was because it was the tool I wanted when I built websites for my clients – the classic story of scratching your own itch. But for a long time, I haven’t done websites for clients and neither has anyone else in the HQ. It’s great because it means that we have the hours to work on the core, that I didn’t had back when I did client sites. But when you work on the Umbraco project every single day, it’s easy to get a tunnel vision in terms of what’s important.

That was the reason for starting the retreat back in ‘08; “we have all these great conversations on the mailing list, but what would happen if we actually met up and could walk the walk?”. So every year since 2008 we’ve invited the most active people on the core together with the MVPs to spend four days prior to CodeGarden at the retreat and a lot of great and bold ideas has originated from this event.

This year is filled with amazing energy as Umbraco has found back to its roots again. We’re talking Umbraco 7 (“Belle”) and how we can ensure as much backwards compatiblity as possible while not being stuck in the past. We’re learning about AngularJS which is the foundation for the future Back Office client in Belle. We’re talking about improving Our and are fortunate enough that a group from the Danish and Innovation line at the Danish Technical University is dropping by and are presenting a report on how the work system of Our can be improved.

Most important and wonderful though, is the conversations about what Umbraco as a project is and should be. And we can’t wait to share the thoughts, code and energy from these days with 350 people at CodeGarden next week.

Godspeed, Umbraco.

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