Finally a Fall worth waiting for

Thursday, August 15, 2013 by Niels Hartvig

There’s a lot of great things about living in Denmark, but the Fall is definitely not one of them; grey, wet, dull. Imagine London on a really bad day. For three months. Then you’re close*.

However, this year I’m actually looking forward to the fall. It’ll be an umbrella so packed with Umbraco launches that I won’t notice all the rain (tadaaa). If you like Umbraco today, you’ll absolutely love it by the end of the year.


New Umbraco.TV

For the last year, we’ve been working on re-launching Umbraco.TV - our subscription based service that let’s you learn Umbraco best practices in your browser. Now we’re just about to re-launch it with more than three hours of new content, a more fun learning experience through gamification, Netflix-style watch-on-any-device-where-you-left-off playback and much more.

We’re looking at launch this month!

Umbraco 7 aka Belle

belleIt was just the last fall that Per and I demoed a prototype we called “Belle” of how the next version of Umbraco could look and feel. Since then we’ve received tons of feedback and progress have been at lightning speed. At this years CodeGarden we were able to demo a working version and this fall the artist formerly known as Belle will see the light as “Umbraco 7”.

It’s the first radical update to the UX of Umbraco for a decade(!), yet you’ll feel at home and as it won’t affect how sites are implemented, your performance as a developer or partner, will stay the same (if not increase). End users of Umbraco, however will absolutely fall in love with a UX focused on supporting their daily tasks, that’s the fastest in the industry and work whether you’re on a PC or a tablet.

We’re looking at launch around end of October.

Umbraco as a Service

The final major release this fall is Umbraco as a Service - the artist formerly known as Concorde. It’s a service that we’re doing together with the Microsoft Azure team and it’ll will let you use Umbraco without worrying about infrastructure.

You can get started with Umbraco directly from with a click of a button and because of the convenience of automated upgrades, you can focus entirely on making sites rather than installing, upgrading, patching, deploying and all the other time consuming frictions that we’ve come to take for granted in our industry.

We’re aiming at co-launching this with Belle, so the service that’ll make Umbraco partners the most efficient in the industry is basically just around the corner. If you haven’t already signed up for early beta access, make sure you do!

The greatest fall ever

I hope this overview will make you (almost) as excited for the upcoming fall as I am. There’s never been a better time for Umbraco and our community and after a year of catching up, we’re back at setting new standards for the simple, beautiful, fast and efficient CMS.



* Not quite true, but just thought it sounded good. Fall in Denmark can actually be quite “Belle”:

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16 comment(s) for “Finally a Fall worth waiting for”

  1. Gravatar ImageStefan Kip Says:

    How about existing packages with a UI, like datatypes, and Belle?
    Is there a plan? Most datatypes will look horrible combined with Belle, won't they?

  2. Gravatar ImageHartvig Says:

    @stefan: Old data types won't be working in Umbraco 7.

  3. Gravatar ImageRichard Terris Says:

    Exciting times ahead!!

    Great work guys, well done :D

  4. Gravatar Imageandrew Says:

    looking forward to 7.. Belle, Code First and Container Document Types (CDT)!!

  5. Gravatar ImageMatt Bliss Says:

    Two great steps forward with our favourite CMS, really looking forward to the next few months.

  6. Gravatar Imageesunxray Says:

    Hope to release to beta version of 7 to let us test.

  7. Gravatar ImageCourierAngst Says:

    Soon you guys can revisit courier and fix all the issues there!! That would make for an excellent spring!!

  8. Gravatar ImageDimitri Says:

    Looking forward to continuing my "not missing an upgrade" tradition! :D

  9. Gravatar ImageHartvig Says:

    There's always both alphas and betas before a new version

    We're doing on-going updates to Courier as well and are also in the process of re-architecting it (as a part of the work going on in Umbraco as a Service).

  10. Gravatar ImageJørgen Bakke Eriksen Says:

    Any tentative date for the 7.0 release?

  11. Gravatar ImageHartvig Says:

    @Jørgen: No, not more than around end of October. But subject to change as we get closer (but during the Fall it will be).

  12. Gravatar ImageTrevor Says:

    How about releasing tutorials without the subscription, since you tout your 'open source' credentials everywhere, and how about (crazy idea here) releasing them in a text version. So that people can search for them easily, and then quickly find the info they need, instead of having to sink hours of their time into watching videos...

  13. Gravatar ImageNiels Hartvig Says:

    @Trevor: We'd love to, but we have limited resources and .TV actually finance the core development. We do release quite a lot of documentation, videos and getting started tutorials for free, but without any income there wouldn't be a core at all.

  14. Gravatar ImageJørgen Bakke Eriksen Says:

    @hartvig: mobile optimized backend will be sweet! Looking forward to that. Would wan't that for a large customer project now but I guess it will be possible to upgrade vanilla 6.x to 7.

  15. Gravatar ImageSebastiaan Janssen Says:

    @Jørgen There will be no official upgrade path from v6 to v7, so don't hold your breath. :-)

  16. Gravatar ImageSebastiaan Janssen Says:

    Just to qualify that last comment (which was me having a bit of a brainfart!):

    There will be a few breaking changes between v6 and v7 (it's a major version, we can do that now) and it's likely that a few custom datatypes won't work.
    So, while upgrading is going to be possible, expect a some things to not work like you expected them to. :-)

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