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Thursday, August 22, 2013 by Tim Geyssens

The Fall of Fabulous releases in the Umbraco Ecosystem has begun early. Today we are incredibly proud to announce that we've released the brand new Umbraco TV site.


70 up to date vids teaching you all about Umbraco v6

More than three hours - and much more to come - of completely new Umbraco Tutorials optimized for the very latest versions and ready to be watched where ever you are and what ever device is in your hand. It works on PCs, tablets and smartphones and just like Netflix, it'll remember where you left.

Earn badges

To make sure you fully understand the content of the videos you can  test your knowledge by taking a multiple choice quiz for each chapter. If you score at least 80% you’ll earn a new badge for your profile.

Login with your existing account

Although the tv site is now separated from you won’t need to register again but can just login with your account. Everyone with an active tv subscription should have access (If you're a Gold Partner, you have free access to unlimited TV accounts). If you are interested in getting a subscription please take a look at our plans (access starting from €12,50 a month).

What’s next?

We’ll we are in the progress of recording new chapters (including UmbracoApiController / Media / Events) but it would be awesome if you could let us know what you would like to see next so we can consider that while planning the new batch of videos.

So get learning !

8 comment(s) for “From zero to Umbraco hero with”

  1. Gravatar Imageeran Says:

    Great to see progress on the tv website. Would like to see more mvc,working and creating media.

  2. Gravatar ImageVD Says:

    can you still access old videos?

  3. Gravatar ImageTim Geyssens Says:

    @VD yup these are still available at

  4. Gravatar ImageVD Says:

    Thanks but the new vidos are really slow

  5. Gravatar ImageAlan Says:

    This is great news well done team!

  6. Gravatar ImageGraeme Says:

    Looks good - thinking of signing up. Are the videos fully updated for and relevant to version 7 ?
    Don't want to spend time learning aspects which may only be relevant to v6

  7. Gravatar ImageTim Geyssens Says:

    @Graeme all content is still relevant to v7 :) just the ui is different, we'll have the first v7 specific vids this month

  8. Gravatar ImageTim Geyssens Says:

    Also we moved to a different video host recently so the streaming speed should be improved!

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