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Being and staying compliant is a constant journey. We are working to expand coverage to help our customers meet compliance needs. Find out which compliance needs are covered when you’re using our Cloud services, how our shared responsibility model works and much much more.

Shared Responsibility Model - Hosted Umbraco (Cloud)

Distribution of responsibilities

Compliance for Umbraco on Premise (Open Source usages)

When you download the free Open Source Umbraco CMS and host it outside of Umbraco Cloud, any compliance related requirements remain your responsibility (the project owner). You pick your hosting provider, choose how you handle customer data, decide on various 3rd party tools etc. As highlighted in the Umbraco Security and Privacy sections, we have, however, implemented features and functionalities as well as open integration possibilities in order for you to customize your set-up, thus, helping you build a website that meets your compliance and security needs when using Umbraco as an Open Source CMS.

Compliance for Umbraco Cloud

Umbraco Cloud is all that you know and love about the Open Source CMS, with added hosting and built-in support for project management and efficiency. By choosing Umbraco Cloud as your hosting partner you also enter a shared cloud responsibility model for data handling, compliance requests, security etc. Umbraco Cloud is a combination of SaaS and PaaS as it provides added Umbraco functionality as a SaaS platform but also gives you full control of codebases and direct access to lower lever storage (id. Database access). 

The model to the right gives you an overview of the shared responsibility model for Umbraco products.

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