A headless content management system (CMS) is a CMS that’s backoffice-only. What that means is that a headless CMS has its focus solely on the administrative interface for content creators, the handling of collaboration and content workflows, and the configuration of content into taxonomies; it doesn’t deal with presentation layers, templates or design of a site.

A headless CMS allows engaging customers with personalized content via multiple channels. As the content on a headless CMS has no presentation layer attached, just one instance of it can be used for display on any device.


Umbraco Headless

The same goes for Umbraco Headless; with one installation it is possible to provide fresh content to all your customers on any device.

After publishing, the content changes will automatically update on e.g. a mobile app, flat screen or smartwatch.

The Umbraco Headless “goodie bag”

  • Allows you to focus on the body, that is, on the quality content you’re sending out on multiple devices.
  • Gives you a great editing experience, as Umbraco Headless has the same friendly user interface as “ordinary” Umbraco. You don’t have to be an Umbraco developer to use Umbraco Headless as it is independent of which coding-language your solution is built on.
  • Umbraco Headless is built for omnichannel, so regardless of the channels you have, they can be all be added to your headless solution and be instantly editable.

On a final note, Umbraco Headless gives you a simpler way to update your content on various platforms, however, it is not a replacement for a platform on which to build  Umbraco websites. For that you should use Umbraco Cloud or CMS.

Umbraco Headless is supported on Umbraco Cloud and, at the moment, only available in a beta format.  

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