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Let's show the world just how versatile Umbraco can be

We believe in the "best of breed". And while our focus is on content management - making it simpler and friendlier, we recognize the need for extending the possibilities of Umbraco CMS to solve specific tasks, such as, ecommerce, personalization or others. Tasks that can be accomplished by using Umbraco Apps or Community Packages.


What is an Umbraco App/Package?

✔️ It solves a task for an end-user of Umbraco.

✔️ It is not provided “out of the box” with the core CMS.

✔️ It is compatible with one of the latest versions (3 minor) of Umbraco CMS, ideally also Umbraco Cloud.

✔️ It offers user-friendly documentation.


There's a wide variety of Umbraco Apps and Packages out there and we recognize their different characters.

Which is why the Umbraco App Partner program takes a two-tier approach:

Community Packages

Umbraco Community Packages are open source and created by our friendly community. These apps are already listed on Our as Packages. To qualify for the official Umbraco Apps list on, the package has to be among the most widely used/downloaded and offer access to support and documentation.

If you think your Package is eligible, please submit it here.

Premium Apps

Umbraco Apps that are created by our community or third-party companies. These Apps offer professional support and have a commercial purpose.


How to become an Umbraco App partner

If you are interested in submitting your own solution and becoming an official Umbraco App Partner, below you can see the features and pricing for the two different tiers:

Umbraco App Partner features and pricing table

Submit your App/Package & become an official Umbraco App Partner

Terms and conditions

In order to be part of the Umbraco App partner program, you need to accept the terms and conditions related to the program. Read the terms and conditions here.