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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Case story: Danish Crown

The kingdom to be built

The website we,, had to build for Danish Crown is their corporate website with a lot of sub-sites. It’s a website for a few different target groups: for the farmers that provide Danish Crown with meat, for the customers (major Danish food companies, such as Dansk Supermarked) and finally for the users, the people who are eating the meat, so-to-speak. The third group is especially important in Denmark because of the overall image of the company.

“The old website was based on a proprietary licensed based CMS and Danish Crown wished to move to a new open source platform. They furthermore needed a new fresh and responsive design.”Rene Pjengaard, Tech Lead and Web Developer,

The building

Danish Crown was already using Umbraco for the international group intranet which they were very satisfied with. Therefore Umbraco was the obvious choice. Umbraco´s open architecture made it quite simple for us to implement the site as a SPA (Single Page Application) solution, which was necessary to meet the client’s wishes.

So by using Umbraco as a headless CMS we were able to integrate the SPA “layer” on top of Umbraco. We created 4-5 API endpoints which the front-end developers use to fetch data to and from the website.

It’s a huge advantage for us, because data transfer is faster and it helps us to separate our departments so our back-end developers can focus on the data and structure while the front-enders can focus on the markup and the script just in a bundle, it really helps our work flow. You can actually download this SPA solution here.

The royalties 👑

What makes the website special is its unique recipe section. Each recipe is accompanied by a photo, and to improve the user experience and looks of the section, we have developed and implemented some code to extract the primary colors of each image. From the primary color the code finds the most usable contrast color within a predefined color range. See the code in action. And if you would like to know more about the code itself, read here.

Another nice feature for the website is how well it works on a mobile phone. It’s highly responsive and works smoothly.

Besides a stunning website, Danish Crown have also acquired a flexible subsite module through a boilerplate technology. Thanks to this technology Danish Crown is now capable of producing new websites for their wide range of subsidiaries from a responsive baseline design.

Danish Crown has gained a smoother editor workflow and a wide range of functionality and flexibility through the advanced grid setup. The client loves the new website!

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