Friday, July 15, 2016

Case story: Saniona

What we were challenged to solve

Saniona's existing website was built on a WordPress template, which limited design, performance and implementation of Nasdaq press releases, charts and content.

We, WebVision, moved Saniona to Umbraco Cloud in order to free the site of such limitations, and ensure that important shareholder and financial information could be presented in a manner that communicated sophistication, quality and professionalism.

How we solved it

The project requirements were sent to our designer, who could design freely without sticking to a theme. The completed designs were passed to our front-end developer and finally everything was implemented in Umbraco CMS.

With Umbraco Cloud we could make something unique on a professional platform, and found it raised the bar in quality and stability over the previous free-theme site. This was important for Saniona and their position in the market.

What we gained from it

A fully editable website that can be updated easily by the Saniona staff in real-time alongside market activity. The site enabled pixel perfect implementation of custom design.

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