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Friday, April 27, 2012

CodeGarden 12 - the hat and the uComponent

We have even more great news in regards to this year's speakers at CodeGarden 12.   Neither of these fellows are strangers to CodeGarden (or presenting at CodeGarden) and we consider them a couple of Umbraco heroes.

So without further adieu let me introduce them and their sessions :)

Lee KelleherLee Kelleher - uComponents, Y U NO UMBRACO 5?

Lee is an Umbraco specialist. Having first used Umbraco 3.0.3 in 2007, he has become increasingly involved with the community and helped towards building a network of user-groups within the UK. With over 15 years of web-development experience, Lee has worked with a vast range of clients such as Tesco, Toyota, PwC, Ernst & Young and JPMorgan Chase.

Session Info:

Over the last 2 years, uComponents has become an essential part of an Umbraco developer's toolkit. Initially with Multi-Node Tree Picker being the must-have feature, then discovering other desirable gems, such as uQuery and countless XSLT extensions. Questions arose as to why uComponents wasn't part of the Umbraco core product... in this session, we will explore how uComponents started, why it wasn't part of the core, and how this has changed for Umbraco 4.8. Now the question remains.... what does this mean for Umbraco 5?

Aaron PowellAaron Powell - What I learnt by building Stats It

You may know Aaron best by his twitter handle @slace or because of his massive contribution to the Umbraco v4 Core. Over the past 7 years as a web developer he's worked his way through a number of different content management systems from enterprise to open source.

"I've always admired the passion of the Umbraco community and what they have put together. It's that kind of strength that can ensure a community will thrive and one of the reasons I love coming back to CodeGarden each year".

Session Info:

When v5 was under development Aaron decided to undertake an ambitious project, a self-contained analytics package. An analytics package isn't exactly simple though, there's trees (including a full representation of the content tree), macros, surface controllers, hive interaction and editors. Then there's actually building the package!  So while undertaking this task what did he learn?  Come to the session and find out!

There are going to be so many good speakers and masses of valuable information you would be silly not to be at CodeGarden this year.  If you haven't already done so, why not live a little and book your ticket to CG12.  Live life without regrets :)

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