Monday, June 23, 2014

Codegarden 2014, Rookie Heather Floyd

14443284284_bb810d16b8_zNow that our yearly conference is over we’ve asked some of our community members (both newcomers and oldtimers) why Codegarden is important to them and what they got out of it!  Again, we had a lot of newcomers this year so lets hear what Heather Floyd has to say .

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Who are you and why is Umbraco and CodeGarden relevant to you?

I am a web developer who has been working with Umbraco for over 8 years (since version 2-ish) For most of that time I was working on my own, providing websites to clients across the US, I have also worked on an in-house marketing team on a business-critical Umbraco website, and now am back to providing Umbraco websites to clients as part of an advertising agency in New York.
I have really enjoyed connecting with other Umbraco enthusiasts in the US – first as part of the 2007 “US Retreat”, and this past March as a speaker at the first uWestFest event. It was at uWestFest that my Umbraco friends encouraged me to finally attend Codegarden for the first time.

Which session(s)/workshop/event(s) did you got the most out, enjoyed the most?

The keynote was an awesome introduction to the newest stuff coming along in version 7+. I also got a lot out of the PhoneGap and MVC Puree sessions. Pete’s session about build planning was interesting to me since I am always looking for ways to have a more efficient process, and Bob & Pete’s community talk gave me some new ideas for the New York Umbraco Meetups, which are in their infancy right now. The Open Space session on strongly-typed code also generated some notes for “things to explore” for me.

Anything else that you wish to add/share?

I absolutely love being part of the Umbraco universe – not only do we get to work with the best CMS on the planet – but we get to hang out with the sweetest, smartest, coolest geeks around.

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