Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Codegarden 2017 - the aftermath


If you attended CG17, you’ve probably heard this a few times or seen the hashtag frequently being used on Twitter and Instagram. It’s the Umbracian way of saying Super-Well-Done, Super-Tak (thanks). It is an acknowledgment of you as a contributor whether it’s to the core, the event, the community or simply the friendly atmosphere. Everything that helps make Umbraco and Codegarden interesting, fun, memorable and moving forward.

We worked hard to get the settings just right for CG17. Tables, chairs, offend-o-bag, sound, bingo, food, communication, speeches, boats, t-shirts etc. But what makes the conference a success has a lot to do with you. Yes, you. Because it is you, the attendee, that brings the friendly, open and inviting atmosphere. For the fear of getting too emotional here, let’s just say, yet again, H5YR! 🙏


The CG17
blues kick!

The confetti has settled, the car has been “recycled”, the CG17 venue is now completely empty and just like you, we have returned to our good ol’ desk. A desk that now seems a bit boring and “ordinary”. But hopefully you still feel the kick of CG17 - a kick of inspiration, motivation and curiosity that will thrive you to make the projects that land on your desk even simpler, more secure, more user friendly - better. That’s definitely one of the best side-effects of Codegarden. So remember to take advantage of it all while it’s fresh in your memory and gives you a kick. Make work great again 😉     

Miss getting high on the CG17 atmosphere? We do as well. Luckily there’s a solution - Twitter! Go look at the #CG17, #Codegarden and @Codegarden Twitter streams and soon you’ll feel the warmth in your belly and a smile on your lips. Here's a small collection of the tons of joyful #CG17 tweets:  











See you at Codegarden ‘18?

We hope so!

Why wait months to get excited about CG18 when you can start now? Buy your tickets today and get them at a special early bird price of just €500.

It’s as cheap as they will get.

CG18 will be in Denmark on the 23rd - 25th of May. So if you enjoyed this year’s Codegarden or are sad that you missed out, it’ll be a very safe and sensible investment for you to get your hands on a CG18 ticket as we promise to do our very best to make next year’s Codegarden just as great - or even greater.


You only got until the 23rd of June (9 days!) to get your CG18 ticket at this special Early Bird price >>




A lot of you have asked about CG17 pictures and session videos. They’re on their way. We want to give it to you as soon as possible - trust us, we’re not holding anything back. We’re just waiting as well, as we’ve outsourced the recording and picture-taking so we could focus on giving you a great Codegarden experience and also make sure that you'll get the material in the best possible quality.  


We understand your eagerness (we are excited too!) but please be patient and keep an eye on Twitter and your email, because as soon as we get the material we’ll of course share it with you 😃

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