Monday, May 15, 2017

Codegarden day 3: Open Space!

You already know about the 2 first days of Codegarden. With the first day focused on the business side of Umbraco, the second day with a stronger focus on the technical topics, and now, finally, the third day, which is all about the community and self-organisation, through the wonders of Open-Space “technology”.

Open Space


Open Space?

Open-space is a technique to facilitate a self-organising event around a single purpose or agenda. It starts with a blank slate and whoever attends the event, organise the agenda and content around this single purpose/theme.

So, the 3rd day of Codegarden does not have any pre-planned sessions. Instead, the day follows the open space format:

  1. Everyone stands in a circle.
  2. A central theme for the day is announced.
  3. Anyone who has a topic they would like to discuss goes to the center and announces the topic.
  4. All the suggested topics are put on the agenda of the day.
  5. The day ends in a circle where the findings and discussions of the day is shared.


Can I suggest a topic?

Yes you can! You do not need to be an expert, or have any knowledge of the topic. But the topic must fit the overall theme, and you are responsible for writing minutes of the discussion and sharing the outcome at the end of the day - this is the important part: to share the outcome of your session with everyone else.  

Why is Open Space important?

Some of the best Open Space discussions at past Codegardens was started by novices, who had the courage to question the status-quo and start a debate which caused the Umbraco project to change in significant ways.


The power behind the Open Space session at Codegarden is the combined knowledge of the Umbraco community, core team, HQ and MVPs, coming together to move the project forward. To have passionate and inspiring discussions on the topics that matter to the people present, ensuring that the agenda is not defined by a single entity.


Codegarden regulars often call Open Space their favorite part of the conference, because it gives them the possibility to affect the direction of the project, and at the same time, learn from a room full of really smart people. So come and be part of the third day of Codegarden and feel the power behind the open source project - in person!


Don’t want to miss out on this exclusive opportunity? Don’t worry - we’ve still got some CG17 tickets left. Grab yours now and see you in the circle in a few weeks.  

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