Monday, July 4, 2011

CodeGarden11 Wrap Up - Umbraco Awards

This year at the Umbraco HQ we decided to bring back the Umbraco awards for two reasons. First was to celebrate all the awesome and high quality work that the community produces when building great Umbraco websites, and secondly it was a great way for us to collect new & exciting case studies for Umbraco's own website. So expect to see these featured on the site very soon! We short listed three finalists for each category. The winners were announced at the end of CodeGarden where each winner was presented with a very unique award: a custom painted 18inch Umbraco branded Mega Munny. Below, Per Ploug from HQ talks us through the category winners.


Best Technical Solution
Kraftvaerk -
WVD Media -
CodeHouse -


" was selected because it scales really well, (one of the biggest sites in dk) and because of their efforts to make the editing environment extra friendly. Editors can put together microsites by just picking content with various pickers, so no more need for IT because non-tech people can just put together the sites themselves."

Read how happy the Kraftvaerk team were to win the Umbraco Award on their blog

Best Designed Site
RTP Interactive -
1508 -
Massive Visuals Agency -


"Henning Larsen was chosen for its functional design. You can pick cases, articles etc and generate a PDF from the site, which is cool for their users, but their sales people actually also use it to make ultra-fast sales pitches, and it's a beautiful site."

Best Integration
Amaze -
MerchantCantos -
ScreenMedia -


"This is Central Station was selected as best integration because it's integrating a social network with Umbraco, it's a nice integration, and its design and UX is actually different from all the Facebook clones out there. So great use of third party system + the flexibility of Umbraco in regards to design."

Read how attached Jon has become to the Mega Munny/Umbraco Award ScreenMedia won,-we-won-the-umbraco-award-2011

It was really hard for the panel to choose the nominees & winners from all the great entries we received. So if you entered into the Umbraco Awards, we would like to say a BIG thank you. The other reason we started up the Umbraco awards again this year, was to get great case studies for us to use. We have previously asked the community before but without much success, now we have a ton of great case studies to showcase. So expect to see them on the site soon.

Thanks again for all the great submissions. In the final CodeGarden11 follow up blog post I will blog all about the package competition that we hold each year at the end of the conference.

Until next time....
Warren & The Umbraco HQ

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