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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Contour 3.0 Beta

It's been almost 3 years since we released our  form builder addon Contour (time sure flies) and today we are happy to announce a new upcoming version that has some much requested features!

Here's an overview of the new stuff you can expect:

Conditional logic

Hiding or displaying a field depending on the value from another field, that's now possible with the addition of conditional logic.

Rules can be easily added on fields with the new UI component (found in he additional settings of each field).


Easier to work with lots of forms

There are 2 improvements in there that should make it easier when you have a large amount of forms.

Creating some structure in your collection of forms by creating folders.


And saving form settings as default so they are applied to all future forms.


Full control over form markup

Version 3 introduces an alternative to the webcontrols form macro by adding an MVC alternative.


The MVC version will use razor views to render the form and these razor views can be edited to generate the form markup you want! This will of course also work perfectly in a non MVC umbraco install.


Code first

Inspired by uSiteBuilder we've added a code first framework that will allow developers to design forms in Visual Studio (source controlled forms, automated deployments, unit testing, … are just a couple of the advantages).

Here's an example:

 [Form("Contact Form", MessageOnSubmit = "Thank you")] public class ContactForm : FormBase { [Field(FormPages.Contact, FormFieldsets.Details, Mandatory = true)] public string Name { get; set; } [Field(FormPages.Contact, FormFieldsets.Details, Mandatory = true)] public string Email { get; set; } [Field(FormPages.Contact, FormFieldsets.Details, Mandatory = true, Type = typeof(Umbraco.Forms.Core.Providers.FieldTypes.Textarea))] public string Message { get; set; } public override void Submit() { umbraco.library.SendMail( Email, "", "New Contact", string.Format("New message from {0} : {1}",Name,Message), false); } } 

The code will result in the following form:


Another feature of this approach is that it makes it super easy to add custom validation rules

 public override IEnumerable<Exception> Validate() { var e = new List<Exception>(); //extra validation rules if (Date < new DateTime(2012, 01, 01)) e.Add(new Exception("Date has to be after 2012/1/1")); if(Password != RepeatPassword) e.Add(new Exception("Passwords must match")); return e; } 

Try it today

The beta build can be found on our build server

Be sure to keep an eye on the blog for more in detail posts on the new features.

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