Friday, October 17, 2014

Courier for Umbraco 7 Beta

As part of our continuing efforts to more closely align Umbraco products Contour and Courier with the Umbraco 7 core, we are pleased to announce the beta release of Courier for Umbraco 7. This version of Courier is an iteration of the large body of work that is Courier but with some refactoring of key internal services. Most notably the services that deal with session and thread management. We have also addressed the list of issues reported by Courier users over the past months (thanks and keep them coming) and, of course, we have updated Courier to take advantage of many new Umbraco 7 features.

Please feel free to evaluate this beta version and help us out by reporting issues with as much detail as you can via the issue tracker. Note that this version is compatible with Umbraco 7 and later and has some key differences with the version you may be using if you are working with an site.

Umbraco 7 – Into the future!

As we look to the future we are only releasing new versions of Courier for Umbraco 7. This means if you are using Courier with your older Umbraco 4 or 6 sites you’ll first need to upgrade to Umbraco 7 in order to use this and newer versions of Courier.

We will continue to support Courier for v6 with bug fixes, but new features are only available in Courier for v7. Yet another reason to upgrade to Umbraco 7.


You can download the beta install packages here:

Umbraco Package

Upgrade Files

Note that we may post additional nightly builds but these are not necessarily proven to be stable (unless we say so of course).

Thank you in advance for your input!

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