Thursday, March 23, 2017

Day 1 of Codegarden, what can you expect?

Expect inspiring, interesting and non-technical business sessions.

Codegarden isn’t just a conference for developers. We want your entire business involved in the conversation on what Umbraco can and should be. So on day 1, the 7th of June, you’ll find a handful of sessions dedicated to the business angle on everything Umbraco, showcasing inspiring Umbraco case stories.


Day 1: A strong focus on Security, E-Commerce and Editor experiences

The entire day will center around 3 topics, that frame each talk and set the stage for what you can expect from our different speakers:


  • Security
    Make security a priority in 2017. Get the tools and insights to properly secure your Umbraco projects, your customer data and your website visitors from unpleasant and possible lethal harm.

  • E-commerce
    Being present online today is just as much about commerce as it is content. Get inspired from expert speakers and in-depth use cases, showcasing e-commerce best practices and Umbraco success stories.

  • Editor Experiences
    You don't just build a website in Umbraco. You also build and design the application that your content editors will use everyday to maintain it. Learn how some of the best in the business has taken advantage of Umbraco's extensibility and delivered editorial workflows that improve content quality and empowers editors to deliver even greater value.


Attend the free Umbraco Cloud Workshop

With Umbraco Cloud you can focus on building amazing things and never again worry about installing, manual upgrades, deployments, hosting and any other infrastructural bits. Attend this workshop and see if freeing yourself from these time consuming tasks is something for you and your future projects.


The workshop is hosted by Umbraco HQ, so if you have any questions, queries or wonders about Umbraco Cloud this is definitely where you’ll find your answers. The half-day workshop is free for Codegarden ticket holders and you can secure one of the limited seats for the Umbraco Cloud workshop from the 3rd of April 2017.      


17 brilliant speakers - and more to come!

At the moment we have no less than 17 brilliant speakers confirmed for day 1 of Codegarden. Speakers that consists of a mixture of acclaimed keynote speakers, Umbraco HQ members and talented, dedicated and experienced community members. Below you’ll find a small handful of them:

Deane Barker

Deane Barker

A Content Management veteran, as a writer, consultant and implementer of hundreds of projects, he literally wrote the book on web content management. Deane will share valuable insights on the current state of the CMS industry.

Christian Holst

Co-Founder of the Baymard Institute, experts in UX research, who have worked with over 3,000 e-commerce companies in 80+ countries, including Nike, Lego and Ebay. Christian will present their latest ecommerce UX findings.


Christian Holts

Huan Song

Huan Song

Content Project Manager at The Cogworks in London, works with clients such as Scholl, Dettol, Veet and Clearasil on building lean and mean content machines. Huan will present a case story on how content and development team can improve collaboration and create greater value together.

Frederik Raabye

Systems Developer at Dubex A/S, whom, since 1997, have provided security consulting and services to both public sector clients and private companies on how to manage risk and stay secure. Frederik will present on authentication best practices and setting up single-sign-on in Umbraco.

Frederik Raabye

Niels Hartvig

Niels Hartvig

Chief Unicorn and Founder of the Umbraco open source project, all the way back in 2004! Niels will present the state of Umbraco, with the latest development of Umbraco Cms and Umbraco Cloud along with his vision of the future of the Umbraco Community.

Sebastiaan Janssen

Master of automation, Umbraco community steward and The Umbraco Core Team Scrum Master. Sebastiaan will present a technical focused talk on how you secure your Umbraco installation and the best practices for staying secure.

Sebastiaan Janssen

Don’t want to miss out on this brilliant line-up?


Then get your hands on a Codegarden ticket now. Until the 31st March the tickets for Codegarden is as cheap as they get >>

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