Wednesday, June 21, 2017

First-timers’ perspective on Codegarden '17

Whether you were a CG17 newbie, are a veteran Codegardener, considering going next year or simply just curious, these 7 newbie perspectives on Codegarden are definitely worth a read. Each Codegarden newbie have been asked the same 6 questions leaving you with different, and brief, perspectives on Codegarden that’s both honest, personal, entertaining and most of all, motivational.


Enjoy 😊 :

Malcolm McMorran, Web Director Dude at Hooligan Development, South Africa:

“I think my biggest worry about going to Codegarden was the fact that I was going alone, and that I would struggle to network. I was pleasantly surprised...

Read Malcolm's answers here.

Katie Archibald, Content Project Manager at The Cogworks, UK:

“I realised that by working with Umbraco, I was part of something much bigger and understood why people were so passionate about it…”

Read Katie's answers here.


Dan Patching, Developer, Contractor, UK: 

"...I was expecting Codegarden to be focused on presenting talks. There were a lot of great talks, but also group breakout sessions, yoga, the infamous bingo and all sorts of things."

Read Dan's answers here

Frans de Jong, Developer at Webwonders, The Netherlands:

“By talking to a lot of people you get a sense of where you stand in your career and for me it seems to be a lot further than I expected…”

Read Frans' answers here.



Hanne Marthinsen, Web Editor and Project Manager at MarkedsPartner, Norway:

“I was skeptical of attending Codegarden at first, because I thought it was just for developers. He proved me wrong ☺... “

Read Hanne's answers here.

Mark McDonald, Web Developer, UK:

“I actually didn’t attend through work, it was something that I wanted to do myself in order to push myself beyond my comfort levels…

Read Mark's answers here.

Alex Bennett, Front-end Developer at Epiphany, UK:

“...If it comes to that though, faking my death would be totally worth it to visit Codegarden once again 😉 !”

Read Alex's answers here.

A big thank you and H5YR to Katie, Alex, Dan, Mark, Frans, Hanne and Malcolm for sharing your Codegarden experience with all of us. We hope (and expect 😉 ) to see you all again for Codegarden 2018.

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