Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hello Umbraco 7 RC

The Umbraco Future is here today: After years of research, prototypes and more than five hundred beta testers, it’s with incredible joy that we’re announcing the Release Candidate of Umbraco 7 – the most important release in the history of Umbraco since version 2.0.

No botox, just a diet
Umbraco 7 is the CMS you know and love, but with a completely new User Interface. It’s not just a simple skin for the back office, but re-thought from the ground up and optimised for speed and editor happiness.

Standing on the shoulder of giants – using ASP.NET 4.5, the best server side technology from Microsoft, and AngularJS, the latest client side technology from Google – Umbraco 7 isn’t just a quick makeover. We believe it raises the bar and sets a new standard in the CMS industry of how fast and how simple working in a Web Content Management System can be.

While the back office is completely new, it uses the super stable rendering and query engine from v6. This means that you can use everything you’ve learned when it comes to implementing sites, yet enjoy a modern looking CMS working on any device – whether it’s on your desktop, your iPad or your Surface.

So what are you waiting for? Stop doing what you’re doing and start downloading and play with Umbraco 7 now (files, release notes and details in the link)!

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