Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Higher Education

Last week I spend 3 days with 30 students from Business Academy Aarhus (eaaa.dk), our goal? to learn Umbraco and MVC in just 3 days, and get the Umbraco developer certifications.

Running a 3 day course, with 30 attendees is pretty exhausting, but at the same time it’s exciting to see students, who are used to listening, learning and sucking in knowledge, just dive into the subject, without fear and without some predefined ideas on how to do things, it gives you energy to be reminded how carefree you can approach things.

To us in the Umbraco HQ, running a course like this, makes a lot of sense:

First of all, it prepares students for jobs, they will have a solid, and highly requested skill to put on their resume, which hopefully makes it easier for them to find the right job.

Secondly, our partners and Gold Partners are actively looking for developers with Umbraco skills, and especially around the Aarhus area, there are multiple partners. So our goal is that those companies will connect with these students.

And finally, a lot of these students plans to, or already have freelancing businesses set up, and I know from experience (as I went the same route back in the day) that Umbraco is the perfect tool for a web-development freelancer.

We see education, certifications and getting Umbraco into the hands and minds of new developers and designers as one of the HQ’s primary goals, our partners are in great need of people with these skills, and our entire ecosystem depends on a steady flow of new people, so we believe this is a perfect fit for both us, partners, students and the schools.

Any schools or companies who want to hear more about these student-courses, get in touch with me: per@umbraco.dk - it has been an absolute pleasure for us to coorporate with the Business Academy in Aarhus and would love to expand to other schools.

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