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Friday, December 21, 2012

Moving on to bigger and better things

It’s been a very very busy few weeks at the Umbraco HQ, what we’ve been up to:

  • We’ve been trying to get most of the team to focus on making big progress on Concorde
  • There’s been a lot of work done to stabilize the 4.x branch of the core
  • Of course a lot of progress has been made on the 6.0.0 release coming next week
  • And we managed (to our own surprise) to get Our Umbraco open sourced and in the hands of the community who’ve been asking for this for a long time

I'll focus on the core for this post. It has been evolving rapidly and in a previous progress post I’ve already talked about relaxing the amount of huge changes a little. But not after we introduce... *drumroll please*.. v6.0.0 with a new API!

Yes, there will finally be more consistent APIs geared towards developers who are creating and manipulating content and media (more areas to come later)! In addition to that, we’ve replaced the “SqlHelper” with PetaPoco, which is the new datalayer in Umbraco. PetaPoco also homogenizes the querying of the database, no longer do you have to know the specific query syntax for SQL CE or MySql or whatever database that might get plugged into this.

We’ve been testing the new APIs by implementing them in the backoffice in as many areas as possible and we're in the progress testing many of the most popular packages to see if they still work. But as you can imagine, it’s very hard to test all scenarios so we’ll be releasing 6.0.0 as a beta next week (December 28th) so we can get it into the hands of package devs to play with and report things we might have overlooked.

And while 6.0.0 is maturing, so will the 4.x branch. We’ve been continuing work to fix some bugs that are starting to pop up after switching to the new request pipeline since 4.10.
One thing we promised to do after every release is to get bugfixes in your hands sooner and that’s exactly what we’re doing with the 4.11.2 branch that was opened after a few bugs with regards to published and unpublished content were found in 4.11.1.
You can follow along with the fixes that are being done for 4.11.2 on the issue tracker the nightly builds are very stable, so you can update them if you have encountered any of the bugs mentioned on the issue tracker: We’ll continue to do bugfixing on the 4.x version until the 6.x version is considered stable so the transition will be a smooth as possible!

Well, the movers are almost here to move the Copenhagen HQ office. We’ve rented a lovely big office space next to our friends of Chainbox. So I’m sticking the laptop in a box now. See you on the other side!


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