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New Hire at Umbraco HQ: Andrew Barta

Andrew Umbraco"Hi, this is Andrew..."

Hi there!

My name is Andrew and I’m the new employee at the Umbraco HQ!

Well, “new” might not be the best term … really I am returning to the HQ. You may know me from some of my previous work such as, “Hi this is Andrew from” or “Hi my name is Andrew, welcome to Umbraco training.” If you’ve never heard of me or seen me before then let me introduce myself.


I started working for Umbraco in December 2013. Here is a photo of my first time out of the United States at the Umbraco company retreat in January 2014:

Umbraco 2014A lot has happened in just 4 years! Now there's 40 people at the Umbraco HQ. 


After 3 ½ life-changing years, I departed from Umbraco in July of 2017 to pursue some independent ventures and wound up working with one of the very talented Umbraco Gold Partners in the US. While those were amazing experiences, I found myself missing the Umbraco community and the team at the HQ .

Luckily sweet serendipity kicked in as I saw a post from the Chief Unicorn himself, Niels Hartvig, about new job openings at Umbraco. They were looking for someone that could help out with trainings that are happening all around the world. Seeing as this was part of my previous role I thought I might be a good fit 😉

My new job at Umbraco HQ

Fast forward to today and now I am settled into my new role with a clear definition of objectives moving forward! So you may be wondering … what will I be doing? Where will I be located?

I am happy to announce that my new/updated role will primarily be focused on training and communicating one of the core values of Umbraco which is to use Umbraco as a tool to create delightful digital experiences.

TrainingMe completing an awesome training session with a room full of Umbracians. 


Beyond training, I also have a unique opportunity to work in the US. Over the years I have had the privilege to meet and work with many partners, agencies, individuals, and companies that are based in the US. Due to these relationships I will also be taking on an HQ “boots on the ground” role with all of the amazing North American partners!

Lastly, I will be involved in continuing the growth of the community in the US! To put it plainly, the US is … vast. The community that I have come to know and love is very strong but it can be difficult to connect with such vast distances. I will have the honor of working with everyone in the community to facilitate growth, despite the geographic challenges that can arise in the states!

Additionally, I will be moving to the east coast so I can be closer to the Umbraco HQ and maintain a strong connection between the US and the HQ in Odense, Denmark ✈️

To simply understand what my role will consist of you can refer to my new title of ATF.

And no, this is not to be confused with, but stands for: American Trainer and Friend-maker 😉

What I do when I’m not Umbracoing...

Alright! I think that is enough about my new and exciting role. Now onto a slightly less formal and more personal introduction:

Andrew on a you can see sometimes my professional and personal interests blend together 😅


For starters, I love mountains!

Whether I am climbing up them, hiking around them, snowboarding down them, or off-roading through them, you can usually count me in! This also brings up a few of my other interests; snowboarding and off-roading or overlanding.

I have a 2016 Toyota Tacoma that is my “lifestyle vehicle.” There is a burning desire to modify my truck to make it as capable as possible so no matter what adventure I want to go on, I can be confident in a vehicle that can not only take me there, but also get me home.

Andrews American truckIf you want to see more of my truck adventures check out our Instagram: @4SeasonsXpedition


Another hobby of my life also has wheels but is a little…sportier.

I have ridden motorcycles since my college days but picked up a new beauty last November. This timing hasn’t given me many sunny days to ride but you better believe it will be a big part of the upcoming summer.

Andrew on his bikeMy motorcycle doesn't have an Instagram page...yet 😉


And last but certainly not least, when I’m not in the mountains or working you will probably find me at the gym! I have always been into weightlifting but found a serious passion for the sport or hobby in the last year. I am fascinated by the process and how much manipulation our bodies can handle. Not only that, but the entire aspect of the fuel we give our bodies is amazing to modify and see how things such as energy levels can change!

So with all of that said...

I hope this intro gives you a good idea of who I am and the “new” role I will be playing within the Umbraco community.

Oh, and please don’t hesitate to reach out. I always enjoy meeting people and building new relationships:  


Andrew looking coolFeeling at home at the Umbraco HQ in Odense 😎


Can’t tell you all how excited I am to be back! 😃



Andrew Barta

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