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Meet the newest addition to the Umbraco Cloud team 🌤

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“I’m not weird, I’m LIMITED EDITION” - with this passionate limited edition working on the user experience in Umbraco Cloud, we are sure to see some great improvements for our users (some have already been rolled out)! Please say hi to Kasper Friis Christensen - the newest member of the Umbraco Cloud team. Kasper is not new to Umbraco - in fact, he’s quit two previous jobs because of Umbraco… but for two very different reasons as you’ll find out in a sec. Welcome on board, Kasper 🌈


I'm Kasper, married to my Faroese wife Hjørdis. At home, we speak Faroese in hope that our daughter Anna Freyja will speak it as well. But don’t worry - I’ll keep this blog post in English for you 😉

2nd time I quit a job because of Umbraco

I’m the newest addition to the Umbraco Cloud team where I work as a Frontend Engineer. But this is not the first time I’ve met Umbraco. 

I come with a php/unix background, and in 2011 I worked at an advertising agency in a small two-person web developer team where we were building Drupal sites. But the management wanted us to build Umbraco sites, and I wasn’t ready to leave the Drupal community at that point and start learning C#. This was the first time I quit a job because of Umbraco.

This time, I actively chose Umbraco and had to quit my old job in order to get to work with Umbraco - or for Umbraco. One of the main reasons for saying yes to this job at Umbraco was my experience at Codegarden 2011, I remember thinking: “I would love to work with that crazy guy on stage (that guy being Niels Hartvig).

And the friendly and welcoming community”. As mentioned before, I used to be part of the Drupal community both in Denmark as a board member in Drupal Denmark and often travelling to Drupal conferences around Europe. In the Drupal community there is a saying: Come for the code, stay for the community, and at Codegarden I felt exactly that same vibe. 

Codegarden 2011 with my old colleague Michael Photo Credit: Douglas Robar

Codegarden 2011 with my old colleague Michael Photo Credit: Douglas Robar

After my 2nd Codegarden, 8 years later - I can say it’s the exact same feeling now - this time, just with a more diverse community! 💖

What do I do at Umbraco?

I have been working at Unicorn Square for almost 6 months now, and love it 🦄

My main focus is on making the Umbraco Cloud portal as user-friendly and accessible as possible. To do so I need to know the users - so I’m really looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible and understand how you use Umbraco Cloud in order to make it as (user) friendly as possible.

I have already made some updates to the Baseline update workflow, to create a better overview of the update progress and make it easier for you to update multiple projects in Umbraco Cloud.

I love colors!

I have always been drawing, especially when I was supposed to listen in school. Painting on paper, canvases, figures, and walls - some more legal than others. Taking photos of the beautiful colors in nature. Woven bracelets in all colors of the rainbow. I just love colors and my favorite color is rainbow 🌈

I like my communities to be as diverse as rainbows 🏳️‍🌈, I am a big believer in diversity and use a lot of my spare time to fight for LGBTQIA+ rights and a more diverse tech community.

My daily work is also a lot about colors, not so much about if the website should be blue, purple or yellow. More about contrasts so certain groups are not excluded from using the website, but also to make it easier for the user to know where to click. Colors are really powerful things.

Break stuff ... and fix it again

Since I was a child I have tried to fix stuff after breaking it. My parents and sisters were not always happy when I tried to fix their perfectly working clock radios, bikes, etc.

But it has also led me to where I am now professionally. I have a hard time reading, I learned to read subtitles in 10th grade. So, instead of reading books about how to build stuff with code, I started at the age 12 to break code and fix it again - to this day I still learn this way. 

When I'm not at work

I love spending my time outside watering my flowers in our 1400 m2 garden, helping my parents in their small organic self-sufficient farming, visiting my parents-in-law on the Faroe Islands, running half marathons, biking in mountains or spending time on the velodrome here in Odense - that's not outside but I love it.

I used to compete in bike races, but after a long period of mental illness I have learned to listen to my body, and listen to your body and compete in bike races just doesn’t go hand in hand. So instead, I picked up Yin Yoga and try to find joy in biking without the competition element. 

I have never watched a Star Wars movie, I don’t watch football nor drink alcohol - but I have pink shoes and love Bridget Jones. 

-  I’m not weird, I’m LIMITED EDITION.

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