Friday, November 2, 2018

New Hire at Umbraco HQ: Niels Michaeli Lauritsen

My job at Umbraco HQ:

Hi everyone, my name is Niels Michaeli Lauritsen and I’m the IT-Octopus 🐙 at Umbraco HQ.

I have been at the HQ for about a month now and it has been an amazing experience. Until now my tasks have been varying from collecting all the fans at the office (not Umbraco fans, but you know, wind fans due to an unusually hot Danish summer 🌞), to helping by buddy Joachim with writing a Slack Bot. So that’s what I call varied work 😅

And whenever a new co-worker is starting at the HQ, I'm responsible for ordering their new laptop, screen, etc. But also creating their accounts on different services. So if my colleagues need a new license for some fancy program or are missing a gadget for their setup, I’m the go-to-guy 😉

My buddy Joachim and me 

Who’s the new Niels?

I’m currently studying Software Engineering at The University of Southern Denmark, and I’m on my 5th semester, so next summer, 2019, I’ll be all done with my bachelor's 🎉 And if everything goes as planned I’m starting the master’s degree right after. So as you might have guessed, I’m a student assistant at the HQ.

I’m born on the small isle called Aero (Ærø)🏝️ and later, I moved to Hesselager; a small city located at southern of Funen. So moving to a “big” city like Odense was a bit of a shock as when you are used to total silence at night then every little noise can be quite disturbing. After almost two years in Odense I’m almost used to it, but I’m still missing the days where I can sleep without anything disturbing me 😴

What about my spare time?

Ever since my father thought I was old enough, I have been playing computer games and my first favorite game was Red Alert. As I wasn’t very old I couldn’t understand English, so the game was mostly trial and error, but it was a lot of fun! And of course, ever since I have been spending a lot of hours playing games; like Counter-Strike, but also repairing and assembling computers 🧐

I also spend time hanging out with my friends and watching sports: everything from football, handball, motorsport to e-sport.

But one of my biggest passions is hunting and rifle shooting 🦌

Niels and deerMe with a roebuck I shot in August 2018


This passion has led to me becoming a member of the board at my hunting club, where I help to manage and create activities for hunters. But also, a place where I meet with other hunters that have the same passion as me. It all started when I was three years old and I shot balloons with my father’s rimfire rifle, ever since then it has been something I’ve been very passionate about. When I was sixteen years old I took my hunting license, and when I turned eighteen I took the training as a rifle instructor. So almost every Wednesday I act as a rifle instructor at the shooting range in Svendborg.

And several times a year I join my father on hunting trips to Germany where we hunt for wild boars, roe, and red deers. And I love these trips where you get up before sunrise and get to see the forest waking up. It goes from total silence to birds singing, sun rising and animals moving around. This is one of the most relaxing things I have ever experienced ☀

But besides hunting, I'm also participating in shooting competitions called field-shooting which is a real-life simulated hunting competition where you shoot on different animal targets at different ranges in different positions. And I was so lucky that in September 2018 I managed to win the union championship in the hunter class, with 417 points out of 440 total 💪 So next year I have to participate in the master’s class which means doing so without any help equipment😅

Niels WinnerUnion championship in field-shooting


So yes I am a passionate hunter, who likes to share good hunting stories with friends and family. And enjoy well-cooked venison.

But of course, I would never be able to shoot a Unicorn! 🦄

I haven't gotten any nickname at the office yet, but sometimes when I'm looking for things around the office, someone might end up calling me the IT equipment hunter 😅 Let’s see 😉

Good cop, bad cop? 


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