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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

New Hire at Umbraco HQ: Zsolt László

Hey, my name is Zsolt and I am the newest member of Umbraco HQ’s rapidly growing family. Right now, during my studies as a web-development student at Lillebaelt academy, I’ve taken the big step of working as a front-end developer here at Umbraco HQ. It is a very appealing thought, that while learning a lot of theory at the academy I will also gain professional experience in the field of web-development, and I also have the chance to join this amazing community and contribute to its future. Pretty cool if I may say so myself.

I’ve already spent my first week here in the HQ. I’ve been having courses, introductions and the likes which all have to happen before we join our forces.I will do most of my things on the front-end of Umbraco, side by side with Mads, who has the greatest honor of having me as his squire for the long, fun and exciting battle ahead 😉

Mads and ZsoltWith my Umbraco buddy and front-end guru Mads.

Let me tell you about myself…

I am 23 years old and I came to study and live in Denmark approximately three years ago. At first it was a hard decision to leave my beloved Budapest, but Denmark’s friendliness and way of living immediately cured me from any homesickness.

But Denmark and web development wasn’t always in the cards for me... When I started school as a kid, I was sent to an elementary school of fine arts. I spent 8 years there and they taught me the basics of drawing, painting and ceramics. Unfortunately, making IKEA plates from mud was not my favorite free time activity, but I kept drawing as a hobby for a few years after finishing elementary school. At that time, this hobby became my passion for a while and I started to take it more serious than ever. Sometimes spending 10-12 hours a day on drawing. Being stuck to the desk with a pencil in the hand, helped me grow my knowledge of art and it gave me great satisfaction whenever I finally finished a piece.

Showcasing my favorite piece - took me around 20 hours 😅

When the time came for me to apply for high school, I took a totally different turn education-wise. I chose to go to an IT high school where they were teaching us how to think in a logical way by having subjects like chess and plenty of technical IT classes. During the last year of high school, an exciting idea came from my friends: “We should to go to Denmark” and by choosing Multimedia Design as a higher education program, I could utilize both things I am good at: design and coding.

And now I’m here!

As mentioned, I’ve already spent a week in the HQ. Day by day I've been on courses, learning new stuff and even fixed small bugs in the user interface. I feel that these guys here are expanding my knowledge a lot faster than I expected. I cannot wait to dive deeper and deeper every day and make the UI in Umbraco even smoother and easier to use for all of us!

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