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New Hire to Umbraco HQ: Iveta the Llama Instagram Expert

Lover of pets, llamas and new adventures and also a new Growth Specialist.

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Written by Iveta Kajošová

Hi, I am Iveta and I am a new Growth Specialist in front-line sales (FLS).

I consider myself a social and caring person, always open to helping and supporting others.


Me and Umbraco

My story of joining Umbraco was quite simple. 

I finished my studies and was looking to get some experience. I saw Umbraco is looking for a Growth Specialist intern and I only heard amazing things about working at Umbraco. So I was sold.  Now, my day-to-day responsibilities in Umbraco include calling our amazing clients, conducting demos of CMS, Cloud or Heartcore, and taking care of leads and Friday updates. 

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I am so excited to be here, share the values of Umbraco and work with everyone to make the Umbraco Cloud shine!


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Me outside Umbraco

I am 22 years old and come from a land of amazing food, breathtaking nature and sometimes grumpy, but welcoming, people—Slovakia. 

Two years ago, I decided to move to Denmark and study Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management. And let me tell you: Moving to Denmark was the best decision I've made! 

I enjoy living in Denmark for several reasons and yes, weather is one of them (sometimes) ☁️⛅🌦️

I consider myself a social and caring person, who’s always open to helping and supporting others. I also talk a lot when I get comfortable around people, so bear with me! 

I’m also the type of person who is never bored. I like spending time with my friends, learning new skills, volunteering for AIESEC Denmark, relaxing in the evening with Netflix, reading a book and cooking - oh my god how much I love cooking! (On the contrary, baking usually ends in disaster for me.)


My hobbies

I am a huge pet lover. I really can't walk to the pet shop without leaving it with a new pet. That is how I got Milacik, my hamster. 

No offense to Milacik, but if I could have a dog he would be replaced. I grew up always having a dog, Bella, in Slovakia and I really miss that in Denmark.


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Besides that, my Instagram is full of cute videos/pictures of llamas. So if you need to be cheered up and have your heart melted by llamas, I am the go-to person. 

I never refuse a great adventure! I am always packed and ready to travel. I love exploring places that are not so popular, meeting locals and trying amazing cuisines.


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You can see the happiness on my face when, in Jordan, a local bakery worker took me on a tour and showed me how to make the local bread, which I even got to try by myself! 

And it was amazing. It was warm, right from the oven, nicely soft, spongy and fluffy as a cloud. Way better than what you can get at the local shop or in Europe. Since I am a huuuge foodie, I could not have enjoyed this experience more! Plus, he packed other amazing Arabic sweets for me as a gift. 

Plus, who could resist sleeping in one of the Seven Wonders? Staying with locals in the cave in the ancient city of Petra, playing with kids, eating homemade food and the views! It was breathtaking to explore such an old city, its mountains, watch and listen to stories of everyday life of bedouins (a nomadic Arab tribe).


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My biggest travel dream, though, is to see gorillas on safari in the Congo. 

When I’m not running around the world, you can meet me in the gym burning off all the great food I ate abroad. I am truly a gym addict; it makes me feel stronger, healthier, and more confident.

Podcasts are my daily must. I listen to tons of podcasts about travel as well as different educational talks, self-development, and news - trust me when I say that all chores are much more fun with a good podcast in your ears.

I am really happy that I joined Umbraco and I am looking forward to meeting you all!


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