Tuesday, May 3, 2016

New Umbraco Certification requirements

In January we announced that our training structure would change, partly to get away from the idea of a “level 1” and a “level 2”, and also to start providing focused 1-day skills-based classes. Based on trainer and attendee feedback, we are adjusting the structure and requirements slightly.

What we are changing:

  • Attend any course you like, Umbraco Fundamentals is not required
  • To become a certified partner, you must have the 2-day Umbraco Developer certifications in-house.

Developers can attend any course they like

Originally, we had the Umbraco Fundamentals course as a requirement to attend the 1-day courses. Based on feedback from partners and developers, we are removing this requirement, this means that people who have experience with using Umbraco, can attend and follow any of our 1-day classes, as long as they know how to use the fundamental parts of Umbraco.

Still simple to become partner

Want to get that Umbraco Certified Partner stamp of approval? - then it’s still important to attend the 2-day Umbraco Fundamentals courses as we require at least half of your certification score are from these 2-day courses - we believe organisations who wish to promote their Umbraco Knowledge must have these skillsets within their organisation to best serve their Umbraco customers.

Example: a company must have 8 Umbraco course days to become certified, at least half must be fundamentals, so if 2 developers get the 2-day Umbraco Fundamentals course (2 x 2 days), and 4 developers each take a 1-day course, the company total will be 8 days - this can be shared between any number of developers.

With these changes, we see the training program as an even more flexible way for companies and developers to quickly gain Umbraco knowledge in the areas they want to, when they want to.

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