Wednesday, December 27, 2017

New Umbraco Gold Partner: meet Compent from Denmark

Hello, we’re Compent 😊

We are a Danish agency based in Copenhagen, but also have locations in Poland and Ukraine.

Ever since Compent was found in 2009 we’ve been working with Umbraco. In fact, some of our very first projects were based on Umbraco. We were actually looking for an alternative for Sitecore. In the beginning Umbraco for us was for smaller clients and smaller projects. But then with version 6 and 7 we took up on larger projects and saw less and less need for Sitecore.

Umbraco Gold Partner CompentTeam Compent.

We develop all of our projects on the .NET platform and often in combination with a range of open source products.

Our primary technologies are Microsoft .NET, MS-SQL, Mongo DB, Elastic Search and Angular JS. We typically use these together with Umbraco CMS, Ucommerce, Uintra.

However, we are not “married” to Microsoft; there are Microsoft technologies out there that we do not use. We focus on .NET with modern, open technologies where we supply high-performance and safe digital services.

How Umbraco changed, but also... didn’t

Since version 3 Umbraco changed a lot, but then at the same time it didn’t change at all - it is still kept simple, is easy to understand and easy to work with.

Naturally, Umbraco has become more advanced in terms of features, but the interface is still simple and highly flexible: it has all you need and the rest you can build yourself.

“But the main thing that we really appreciate with Umbraco, compared to other CMSs, is that web editors like to work with it. People who have to work with it on a daily basis are very happy with Umbraco and this makes it easier for us to have satisfied clients,” Jeppe Basse, CEO, Compent

Umbraco’s flexibility also means that, for example, when you’re working on a project and implemented 90 percent of functionality, you’re sure to not get locked down. It means that you won’t get stuck on a project you cannot finish.

Umbraco is fast, flexible and lightweight. The holy trio, so-to-speak.

Umbraco Gold Partner. Why now?

We’ve been thinking about becoming an Umbraco Gold Partner for some years, but up until now we didn’t really see the need. Today it’s different.

One of the main reasons for us to become a Gold Partner is supporting the development Umbraco, since we’re using it on a daily basis after all. Of course, getting support from the HQ is also a value to us, because it gives us and our clients trust in case something goes wrong.

Compent at Codegarden'16.Compent at Codegarden'16!

We’d also love some input from Umbraco HQ on the projects we’re currently developing, especially Uintra. Being a Gold Partner is also about getting more knowledge about the direction Umbraco as a company is taking.

In the end, we think that the partnership is a good way to get closer to Umbraco community. We are looking forward to it!

Anders Trans Sørensen, Major Friends Maker, Umbraco HQ

"Compent has many years of experience, not only in Umbraco, but also as an agency developing custom projects for their clients; projects that add a lot of value. They have built a quite impressive intranet package for Umbraco - Uintra, which delivers great internal tools for digital communication. It is amazing to see Compent on board the golden club!" Anders Trans Sørensen, Major Friends Maker, Umbraco HQ

If you would like to know more about what being an Umbraco Gold Partner actually implies, have a glimpse here.

And if you would like to say hello/have a chat/a cup of coffee with the friendly Compent folk, you can find them here.

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