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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Go Further with Models Builder


Hi all, it's Andrew again
letting you know we have released a new chapter on the Umbraco Models Builder.

You might remember that I've very recently added a chapter on Models Builder but I simply couldn’t fit all the amazing content into that one chapter, so I had to create another one enabling you to go even further with the Models Builder.

In this chapter I start with how to extend our models to add custom properties and methods. From there I will dive into controlling model generation, whether that be ignoring content or property types, or implementing your own content or property types in place of the default ones generated by the Umbraco Models Builder. To close off the chapter, I will cover how the Models Builder works with property value converters and document type compositions.

This chapter will further emphasize the benefits gained by working with the Umbraco Models Builder and introduce new ones. These benefits include working with strongly typed content for better error handling, being able to utilize intellisense in Visual Studio, controlling the generation of your models, and many other benefits that will be revealed in the new chapter!

Not only is Models Builder a joy to work with due to its vast configurability, but you will also undoubtedly gain a better understanding of your Umbraco installation by diving into this handy tool.

Check out this new go-further-Umbraco-TV-chapter and soon you’ll be able to save time by knowing how to utilize strongly typed content, create best practice projects, and prepare for and benefit from the very nifty changes in Umbraco.

Step-by-step, immediate Umbraco learning.

Do you not have an Umbraco TV subscription yet? Then it might be a good idea considering getting one. Especially if you’re interested in mastering all the awesome and time-saving features that the Models Builder will give you.

With an Umbraco TV subscription you have access to tons of step-by-step video tutorials, so you can enjoy 24/7 self-paced learning across all Umbraco CMS components. The video tutorials are designed for both Umbraco newbies as well as experienced Umbraco users. So there ought to be a big handful of relevant Umbraco TV chapters for you.

Ready to extend your Umbraco knowledge - on your own time? Subscribe now and in less than 2 minutes you’ll have full access to the entire suite of Umbraco video tutorials.

I hope you’ll enjoy making your website more manageable with this new chapter - and will all the other chapters available on Umbraco TV.


- Andrew 😀

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