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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

New Umbraco TV Chapter: Working with Models Builder

Umbraco TV

Hi all, it's Andrew again letting you know we have released a new chapter breaking down all the elements of the Umbraco Models Builder.

In this chapter I start with the basics. I will cover the way we used to reference Umbraco data, and how that will improve in the future. I will also break down all the configuration options for Models Builder and the benefits gained from each option.

Learning how to utilize the Models Builder will send many benefits your way. Save precious time by providing yourself access to your properties in Visual Studio, follow MVC best-practice by returning the proper type of data from each property, save a headache from undescriptive errors when using dynamic content, and make it easier for designers and editors to work with your templates by providing human-readable markup.

And finally, in this chapter I’ll also show you just how simple it is to extend your models to ensure you are not limited by the tool. The Models Builder comes with loads of configuration options to ensure that it will fit into your solution, no matter how your site is built.

So all in all, using the Models Builder allows you to utilize intellisense, return proper property types, create more human-readable templates, and also gives you compile-time checking; all of which will make your life as a developer or designer more enjoyable.

Check out this new step-by-step Umbraco TV chapter and soon you’ll be able to save time by knowing how to utilize strongly typed content, create best practice projects, and prepare for and benefit from the very nifty changes in Umbraco >>

Improve your Umbraco skills, step-by-step. provides step-by-step video tutorials, so you can enjoy 24/7 self-paced learning across all Umbraco CMS components. The video tutorials are designed for both Umbraco newbies as well as experienced Umbraco users. So there ought to be a big handful of relevant Umbraco TV chapters for you.

With an Umbraco TV subscription you can get very far in Umbraco and extend your skills further than you might have ever thought possible. The step-by-step videos are also a great way to sharpen your Umbraco skills as they only contain best practises - straight from Umbraco HQ.

Ready to extend your Umbraco knowledge - on your own time? Subscribe now and in less than 2 minutes you’ll have full access to the entire suite of Umbraco video tutorials.

As always, if you have feedback regarding Umbraco TV we’d like to hear it. Don’t hold back, we value and seek your opinion.

I hope you’ll enjoy making your website more manageable with this new chapter and if you have any comments, I look forward to hearing from you!


- Andrew 😀

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