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Press Release: Umbraco CMS and Azure

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11:00a.m, June 14, 2016

Umbraco creates more hours in the day, with the launch of Umbraco as a Service, running on Microsoft Azure

Their all-in-one, fully-managed cloud solution extends the open source, people focused ethos of Umbraco CMS, in the pursuit of delightful digital experiences.

Odense, Denmark - Umbraco, the friendly, flexible and fast-growing open source .NET Content Management System, has officially launched its SaaS offering. It intends to save web specialists precious time and provide reliable infrastructure by running on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

At the heart (and start) of Umbraco is “U”. In its 11 years, Umbraco CMS has provided a tool to empower creativity in its users to enable great digital projects. It powers over 350,000+ websites in 169 countries worldwide, records over 1,000 daily installs and boasts an active community of over 200,000 craftspeople. Umbraco’s latest offering, Umbraco as a Service, stays true to its open source, community powered roots, whilst using Microsoft technologies as a tool for success, by standing on the shoulders of Azure. UaaS was born from the desire to enable more people to build better solutions by being free to focus solely on their craft. It aims to free users from monotonous administrative tasks, solve the challenges of deployment and remove uncertainties around infrastructure. This goes hand in hand with the Umbraco mission statement;

“We help you deliver delightful digital experiences by making Umbraco friendly, simpler and social”

Unlike other SaaS solutions, Umbraco wanted to deliver a 'Managed Umbraco' but one that goes beyond the simple act of hosting and rather be a driver towards productivity. It is the combination of nimble features with the collaborative ingenuity of Umbraco CMS and its community that sets UaaS apart. Every feature boasted by UaaS is intended to assist users by sharing the workload. With automatic security and patch version upgrades, reliable one-click deployment, efficient BaselineFlow capability, and a more secure Azure infrastructure, you can think of UaaS as your wingman. Since launch in November there are over 600 projects running and 500 new trial registrations every month. Global client Carlsberg Group is blazing the trail with a multi-site content delivery platform and is seeing these benefits first hand:

“UaaS enables us to migrate several hundreds of local brand websites into a common framework, where all content and functionality seamlessly travels and gets re-used internally between brands and markets and externally between platforms and devices. So UaaS has not only proven significant cost savings but also made our brand presence much stronger by increasing our organic traffic dramatically and making all content accessible at any time on any device.”

- Martin Majlund, Group Marketing Technologist, Carlsberg Group

You can be sure Umbraco practice what they preach. Just as UaaS seeks to free you from tiresome restraints, the use of Azure beneath UaaS does just that for Umbraco. Umbraco HQ identified Azure as the public cloud environment that it wanted to use to both develop and host Umbraco as a Service. When it came to choosing a cloud provider there was no question over the solid, stable and reliable Azure infrastructure.

“We wanted to have as much managed for us as possible, so we could focus on developing a great SaaS offering and not having to worry about managing a server, buying hardware and maintaining our own infrastructure. For our customers we wanted to reduce infrastructure management costs, provide a cleaner team development environment, and help agencies manage multisite complex brands at enterprise levels. The time that agencies spend managing infrastructure is time that they are not billing, so infrastructure tasks affect their profitability.”

- Morten Christensen, Developer, Umbraco HQ

As heavy users of the Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Umbraco also identified the potential for scalability, future-proofing the viability of UaaS. New virtual machines can be up and running within minutes to meet demand and scale the solution accordingly with the growth of the service. Put simply, UaaS is a reliable, long-term choice that is here to stay.

“With the scalability and flexibility of Microsoft Azure, Umbraco CMS can create more efficient workflows that power their digital experiences. Together Umbraco and Microsoft are demonstrating what’s possible in the cloud.”

- Andrea Carl, Director, Commercial Communications, Microsoft Corp

Umbraco is throwing their muscle behind UaaS and expects to see trials and subscriptions increase after a series of booked-out online webinars and intimate roadshow events earlier this year. Feedback from early adopters has affirmed that the gift of giving time back is well received and is only set to grow over the course of 2016.

“Blown away by the speed and ease of use of #uaas. V impressive” Tweet, @unochild

“Currently watching @umbraco webinar on #uaas. Status: jaw dropped, mind blown. Good job guys!” Tweet @bo_mortensen

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Kris Deminick, Umbraco

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