Thursday, November 30, 2017

Removal of courier express and new prices on Forms and Courier

Like a grocery store, we also need to keep our range of products updated and relevant, both in order to actually sell these products but also in order to provide our clients with products of a certain standard. This also means that we sometimes need to remove products from our shelves in order to make room for better ones or simply because the ones we currently have on our shelves are outdated in regards to newer trends, technologies and demands. This is the case behind the withdrawal of the Courier Express license.

This doesn’t mean that the Courier product itself will be removed, only the license option called “Courier express”, thus, if you’re currently using Courier you don’t have to worry about us cutting off support or updates to Courier.

We will still offer the “Courier Full” license. A license that, based on experience and feedback, is found to be of more relevance to our clients due to its revision function which makes it possible to gather not just one, but multiple pieces of data and move them all at once.

Price change

Further to removing the Courier Express, we are also adjusting the prices on Forms and Courier Full. From January 1st 2018, all new purchases of Courier Full and Forms will be sold at the following prices:

New Prices on Forms and Courier
The new pricing enables us to continue to improve both products, focusing on performance and adding features which have been requested, and sometimes even created, by the Umbraco community.

If you have any questions about the new change or prices, please let us know.

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