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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Say hey to Heyday - a new Umbraco Gold Partner from Denmark

Who are we?

Heyday is a digital agency, founded in Aarhus, Denmark in 2008. We call ourselves a digital agency because everything we do is always based on how the customers' digital presence can make their business grow.

But, it does happen that we work offline even though the digital universe is our preferred workspace. In reality, we are much more than just a digital agency – we are a business partner.

We are a team of specialists with a true passion for digital developing. We love to create digital and intelligent solutions for our customers.

We are a bunch of dedicated workers in the fields of branding, communication, strategy, development, and design on both digital-based but also offline solutions.

With Umbraco from the start

Just when we found our company, we started developing Umbraco solutions as well. We did so because of Umbraco’s ease of use, extendability to meet customer needs, and low entry costs.

We think that Umbraco is a superior CMS because it’s just so easy and flexible to work with, both on web and mobile.

Umbraco gives us the best opportunities to create great and customized solutions for our customers.

It makes them look good, and that’s what we are aiming for because when our customers are happy we succeed.

Becoming an Umbraco Gold Partner - only natural

Now that we have been working with Umbraco for so many years, the time for a step further in that relationship simply seems natural.

We've become an Umbraco Gold Partner and we’re eager to show a stronger commitment to Umbraco and a closer relationship with the people behind it. Happy to be onboard!

“Heyday is a full-service digital agency and has been working with Umbraco for over a decade. I have no doubt in their expertise and am very pleased to see them on board the Gold Partner family!” Anders Trans Sørensen, Major Friend Maker, Umbraco HQ

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Phases has its offices spread out in India, Denmark and USA, but the Indian location is by far the biggest and the busiest. The agency’s founders have been working with Umbraco since 2005, so there’s surely no doubt about the expertise Phases has in Umbraco. And just to make matters even more marvelous, Phases was onboarded to the Gold Partner family during Codegarden this year… Not without confetti and champagne, of course 😉 Meet Phases:

If you don't know Umbraco, here are some numbers behind the world's friendliest CMS

One of the biggest benefits of using Umbraco is that the community is incredibly pro-active, extremely friendly and helpful.

Chances are that if you get an idea for something you would like to build in Umbraco, someone has already built it. So it is very likely that you can get good and friendly advice from someone from the Umbraco community on Our- just ask.

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