Thursday, May 11, 2017

Taking Fundamentals online

From August 2017, we will offer Fundamentals in a new way. It will be rewritten from scratch to take all our recent changes to the core of Umbraco into account and give you an even better foundation for understanding Umbraco.

One of the major news, is that it will be possible to take the Fundamentals course online. The online training will be run as a video conference, with a certified Umbraco Trainer presenting topics live which means it will also still be possible to ask questions and get help throughout the course - just like at a regular on-premise Umbraco training course.


A more efficient and focused course

Furthermore, due to the way our CMS has matured over the past year, we can get through the fundamentals quicker and more efficiently, meaning that the new Fundamentals course will go from being a 2-day course to a 1-day course. A 1 day-course that will be more focused and with a modern approach to building Umbraco sites. For online courses, the 1-day course is split into 2 half days to ensure attendees can keep focus during the online training session.


Online and Cloud focused

The new course materials are written with Umbraco Cloud and online training in mind. Based on our very positive experiences with offering our Bridging Course online, we have put together a course and material structure which will work equally well online as on premise. Using the powers of Umbraco Cloud, we can offer an amazing teaching environment, which helps our course attendees to focus building, rather than setting up Umbraco.


Quality and reviews

As part of the new course, to complement our exam test, we have made code reviews a central part of how you complete the training. All work done on a course, online or not, will be reviewed by a trainer, and where needed, feedback will be passed back to the attendees so trouble-some code or implementation choices can be changed to match best practices. This will improve the skills of the attendees, and in general ensure the high quality of Umbraco Certified Developers.


A truly global training program

The online Fundamentals courses will be offered in timezones matching Europe, North America and Asia, ensuring that wherever you are located, there will be training available. We know that this has been a request by many Umbraco users placed in many different locations around the world and we are so thrilled that we can finally offer a certification solution that makes this possible. So whether you are located on an exotic and somewhat desert island or in the middle of pulsing Tokyo, travel will no longer be an obstacle if you’re deaming of an official Umbraco Certification - all you need is a stable internet connection.   


Pricing and certification points.

All in all, this will stay the same. The Fundamentals course will keep its price of €1200 and its 100 certification points and we do this for 3 reasons:

  • Fundamental and best practices knowledge is the most important knowledge for all Umbraco Developers.

  • A formal review and feedback on your work as a developer is a mandatory part of the certification and the result of this review is crucial for passing the course.  Individual feedback on your work means that you can be sure that you truly got the most out of the Fundamentals course. Although more time consuming for us than a simple questionnaire, we believe that this type of exam paints a clearer picture of the actual skills that you have gained from attending the course.   

  • Although we’ve decreased the Fundamentals course by 50% timewise doesn’t mean that you’ll learn 50% less. Dues to the new structure of the course and our new methods we’re still able to give you 100% learning within 1 day (or 2 half-days if you're taking the course online).  

The online Fundamentals course will be priced the same as a on-premise course as it provides you with the same training, value and certification, including a formal review of your work. Online training also saves you the costs of travel, hotels and time away from the office.


Whatever "Fundamentals" option you choose, you’ll be rewarded with tons of handy Umbraco knowledge, 100 certification points and the title: Umbraco Certified Professional.

The new 1-day Fundamentals training will be available from August 2017 in Bristol, and the first online Fundamentals courses will be offered in September 2017. There will be courses available every month in the US, UK or DK in the second half of 2017 have a look at the training calendar here and book your course straight away. 


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