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Monday, June 19, 2017

The Umbraco Awards 2017

“We need to make it a real, flashy award show - the Umbraco Oscars!”

By February we got the jury in place: Anders Trans Sørensen, Stephan Gay, Jim Jensen, Sebastiaan Janssen, Rune Strand and me, all from Umbraco HQ, as well as Adam Shallcross from The Cogworks and Carole Rennie Logan from Equator. We also got the 5 different award categories ready: Technical Solution, Design, Editing Experience, Packages and the Jury’s Choice along with the jury selection process.

We had a locomotive but with no wagons attached yet. We still needed something for the jury to evaluate and we opened for submissions for Umbraco Awards 2017 in April. We made the submission open to everyone to ensure that no one would be left out - if you thought you had a worthy project in any of the Award categories, you were free to submit. Also, we, somewhat unfortunate, don’t see every site that is built using Umbraco due to the open-source principle, so the Umbraco Award is also a very good opportunity for us to discover and actually see the awesome, clever and beautiful work that’s being created using the CMS.

Another thing that was included in my Award-task was to make the show more flashy and more colourful than previous years. All the nominees and winners really deserve to be celebrated in a honorable way so not only did we get our specially designed, hand-made Umbraco Award statuettes ready for the event, I also prioritised all the small things like presentations, videos, light and music which would all pull the entire show together.

The exciting and overwhelming selection process.

As the nominations started ticking in I was very happy and quite impressed. Not only did we get a lot of submissions, but almost all of them were of high quality. On top of the sites that we do stumble upon or hear about at HQ, a lot of sites and solutions are being built that really rock! The first part of the Umbraco Awards train was now on track and in motion, heading for Codegarden.

In early May, which felt like only a few days later, the jury was rounding up first the top 10 candidates in each category, and then finally deciding on the top three candidates and the winners. It was a very tough choice, as the final candidates were all worthy winners. But there could be only one winner in each category (except for the package awards) and after a longer discussion, the jury decided.

The 2017 Umbraco Award winners

All of the work of going through the submitted material had now been condensed to a list of the very best of the best. We were now ready to send the Umbraco Awards train on it’s final part of the journey and sum up the top candidates in the presentations you might have seen at Codegarden. Otherwise you can watch them all below - the videos includes the reason for selecting all the nominees and winners:

Best Technical Solution

Best Editing Experience

Best Designed Site

Best Package Awards

  • Dominant Color Picker by Brendan Rokebrand

  • Umbraco Forms on Perplex Steroids by Jeffrey Schoemaker

  • NEXU by Dave Woestenborghs

The Umbraco Jury's Choice Award

The big show.

At the award show on June 8th the jury went on stage and presented the candidates and winners, who got their well deserved awards and diplomas. The train had finally reached its destination and I was very happy to see the winners, the audience cheering for them, and that what used to just be a bullet-point a few months back had now evolved into a celebration of all the great things that are being done with Umbraco. I wouldn’t claim that it ended up being on “Oscars-level”, but we’re definitely getting closer 😉

H5YR! And big congrats to all the submissions, nominees and winners !

Umbraco Awards

Umbraco Awards

Umbraco Awards

Umbraco Awards

Umbraco Awards

Umbraco Awards

We’ll of course be working on creating full blown case stories about all the Umbraco Award winners. Once they’re uploaded, we’ll share them on the @Codegarden Twitter and Facebook profiles.

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