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Monday, January 30, 2017

Umbraco Show and Tell in Copenhagen was a great success

What is Umbraco Show and Tell?

Let’s start from the beginning; what exactly is Umbraco Show and Tell?

We have decided to introduce this new event to help inspire the people that work with Umbraco. People like you. But unlike many other Umbraco-themed events, this event is less code orientated and thus, opens the doors for a new type of audience; editors, project managers, UX specialists, designers, business developers and consultants.

As you might know, Umbraco works as a “clean slate”. Basically, it is up to you what you want to built ontop, how you want to structure it and design it. This way you’re sure that your website (or your customer’s website) lives up to your specific needs and wishes - whether it comes down to a special design, structure or feature.

This freedom to build custom-made websites also means that there’s a greater demand for your talents, including your skills, ideas and creativity. With the Umbraco Show and Tell events we want to inspire you by showing you examples of how other people have had success with their way of working with Umbraco. Call it “live case studies” if you like. By seeing these examples you might discover new ways of working with Umbraco, discover features you didn’t know existed or realise that your approach to a web-project might need a change of focus.

We want you to leave an Umbraco Show and Tell event with new ideas, thoughts, understandings and demands for your next project.

The big world premiere

Let’s be honest, doing something for the first time is always a bit nerve-racking but also super exciting. Will people show up? What will they think? Do anyone dare to ask questions? Is the venue ok? Etc.

Being modest, we started by offering 30 seats for this event. But after just 5 minutes of me clicking the “send” button on our first promo-email - all tickets were gone. We then decided that a bigger room would probably be a good idea. We more than double up on the seats and were very pleased to see that almost everybody showed up. H5YR!


The crowd was actively participating and asking great questions

As mentioned in the intro to this blog post, we’d invited two of our Gold Partners, 1508 and Novicell, to come and present as the two key-speakers. The theme of the day was “The Back Office User Experience”. Both agencies showed inspiring examples of their work and both had really good arguments as to why it’s so important to focus on a great editor’s experience in the back office. Arguments that we want you to hear as well, so we asked both Peter and Adam to coin their key points in no-more than 3 minutes:

Peter Solow, 1508:

Adam Peter Nielsen, Novicell:

Umbraco’s Major Friends Maker, Anders Trans Sørensen, was the host for the day and Umbraco’s Founder, Chief Unicorn, Niels Hartvig, finished the 3-hour event off with a speech about #mboga and sneak peeks of upcoming features in Umbraco version 8.

“It gave me good ideas as to how we should and could work with Umbraco going forwards”

Tanya Holmer - Selected Media

It is no secret that we are very happy with how everything went - but what did the participants think? That’s the real interesting question.

Before leaving the event I was lucky to catch Tanya Holmer from the online marketing agency, Selected Media, to get her thoughts on the Umbraco Show and Tell event:

Tanya Holmer - Selected Media

What did you think about today’s event?
There were some really good presentations and examples. It was interesting to see how other agencies use the same tool as us - but in a different way. It gave me good ideas as to how we should and could work with Umbraco going forwards.

If you should mention one thing that you’ll take with you from today’s event - what would that be?
That we shouldn’t be afraid of including our customers in all aspects of a website project, including the back office experience. Because, by the end of the day, it’s an investment that will pay off and make our customers happy.

Was there something else you liked about today’s event?
Both agencies showed how they use the grid system in Umbraco. We use it as well, so it was not a new thing for us but it was interesting to see a different and very visual way of using it.

Also, Niels’ speech was really good. He’s a fantastic narrator with lots of energy and he is really good at communicating the whole ideology behind Umbraco in an inspirational way.

Would you recommend Umbraco Show and Tell to others? - who?
Yes, definitely. Actually, I think the event makes sense for almost everyone in the website-building process. But also even potential customers. They would get a feel of what Umbraco is, why they should use it, what they can get and what they can demand. And even though this event wasn’t aimed specifically at developers, I still think it would be a nice eye opener for some of them, realising that they also have to think about the end-user when they are building and implementing things to a website project. It’s an event that is relevant for a lot of different stakeholders.

When and where is the next Umbraco Show and Tell?

We are so pleased with how everything went - a great turnout, inspirational and professional speakers, an interactive crowd and lots of smiles and positive feedback.

That is why we have decided to take all the learnings from this first Umbraco Show and Tell event and bring it worldwide.

Our next Umbraco Show and Tell will be in the UK in March - we’ll keep you posted on this event by email*.

We hope to see you there or at one of our future Umbraco Show and Tell events.

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