Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Umbraco 4 Certifications end of life

Umbraco 4 has to date been our longest running major version of Umbraco. Umbraco 4.0 was released in January 2009, and our last 4.* release was 4.11.10, which was released in June 2013.

An Umbraco Certification is the official stamp that you’ve been trained in Umbraco best practices. What was best practice in v4 is thankfully not what is best practice today. So, while Umbraco is fundamentally the same, a v4 based certification has lost its relevance.

It is therefore a natural progression that from March 31st 2017 we will make obsolete all Umbraco 4 certifications, and during Q1 2017 will offer online bridging courses for developers who have not yet attended Umbraco 6 or 7 training.

Massive changes since 2013

Umbraco 4 did serve us well, with all its technical marvels such as Masterpages, xslt, usercontrols and asp.net webforms, though looking at our training program in 2009, I must say a lot has changed since Umbraco 4:

These were the major topics of Umbraco 4 level 1 + 2 training:

  • Masterpages
    Replaced by cshtml views
  • Xslt
    Replaced by razor
  • Usercontrols
    Replaced by partial views
  • Asp.net webforms
    Replaced by asp.net mvc
  • Umbraco.cms.businesslogic APIs
    Replaced by Umbraco.Core.Services APIs
  • <umbraco:item> and <umbraco:macro>
    Replaced by @Umbraco.Field and @Umbraco.Macro

Obsolete from March 31st 2017

Therefore, from March 31st 2017 we are obsoleting all Umbraco 4 certifications, meaning that people who have not attended Umbraco 6 or 7 training will lose their Umbraco Certified Professional status.

Bridging Courses in Q1 2017

For developers who wish to keep their Certified Professional status, we will be offering 2 upgrade paths:

  • Level 1:
    An online bridging course will take place during Q1, this course will update your technical skills to match Umbraco 7, and build upon your fundamental knowledge from Umbraco 4.
  • Level 2:
    Umbraco, asp.net mvc and Visual Studio course is the perfect upgrade path for Umbraco 4 developers. This assumes fundamental knowledge of Umbraco and introduces the concepts of asp.net mvc and the new API’s. Courses are already listed in our course schedule.


  • Will I be removed from the list of certified developers?
    If you do not have certifications newer than an Umbraco 4 certification, then yes.
    If you have taken either Umbraco 6 or 7 certifications, then you will stay listed based on those.
    If you sign up for a future course or the Q1 bridging course, we will also hold off on delisting you, as we can see there is a plan for future certification updates in place.

    We will directly email developers and partners who are about to be delisted to give a heads up and suggestions on what to do.
  • Will we lose our Certified Partner status if we have three v6 based certifications and one v4 based, thus getting below the minimum required amount?
    We won't delist anyone who are in the process of updating their certifications, so if you are already enrolled in future training courses, or plan on attending the Q1 bridging course, then you are not losing any partner status. It is however a good opportunity to review your current certifications to ensure you have the minimum number required. If in doubt, please get in touch so we can assist you.

  • As the online bridging course isn’t ready until Q1 and I’m worried about losing my certification by the end of Q4, is there anything I can do?
    First of all, get in touch, we can assist you through this transition phase. Secondly, we do not wish to delist anyone who is in the process of getting their certifications updated. So if we either know you are planning to attend training, or have already signed up, then you will not be removed. Signup for the online bridging courses will be available before November 1st, 2016.
    Update: after community feedback, we have postponed the end of life date by 3 months, so this should not be an issue anymore.

Update - V4 certifications end-of-life postponed to March 31st 2017.

As points are being raised by comments below and on twitter in regards to issues with having bridging courses available AFTER your certification expires. And yes in hindsight that has truly complicated the message we wanted to give you. So, we are changing our position slightly:

V4 Certifications will stay listed untill March 31st 2017, instead of January 1st. That means there are no grey areas on when you actually have a certification or not, and you will have 3 additional months to get certifications in place - if you for various reasons can't attend a Course until after March 31st, get in touch with us, so we know you are actively working on renewing your certifications.

For Certified Partners and developers who are unsure if these changes have any effect on their certification status, please get in touch with me at: per@umbraco.com for help.

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