Friday, February 1, 2013

Umbraco 4.11.4 Released

We've just released Umbraco 4.11.4 and an additional package to fix a serious issue in all versions of Umbraco between 4.10.0 and 4.11.3.

In v4.10.0, when you move a node to a different parent, the path property did not get updated properly. This, in turn, led to a bug where Examine could not index the nodes. It would result in a "yellow screen of death" saying or "value can not be null 'attribute'". To make matters worse, the node could never be edited again, you kept seeing this error.

We identified the bug and fixed it in 6.0.0, so moving nodes updates the path correctly in 6.0.0. Now, we've also fixed the same move issue in 4.11.4, so from 4.11.4 onward, moving a node will work fine again.

"Path Fixup" package

If your site was ever of version 4.10.x or 4.11.x (up until it is possible that this bug has caused problems for you. You can easily fix these problems by installing the fixup package made by Shannon.

The package will install an extra dashboard in your Developer section. Once it starts fixing, it will look at all of the nodes in your website and determine if the path is correct. If it is not correct, it will fix the path and publish the node.

To make it very clear:

  • if your site was ever of a version between 4.10.x and 4.11.x (anything lower than 4.11.4) you should run this package.
  • if you have just upgraded to 6.0.0 and your site was ever of version 4.10.x or 4.11.x you should run this package.
  • new installs of 4.11.4 are fine
  • installs of 4.9.x and lower are fine
  • new installs of 6.0.0 are fine

What else is new?

Previewing nested unpublished pages now works and when in preview mode, macro's won't be cached.
Other than that, w
e fixed 36 issues for your enjoyment and we highly recommend you upgrade to this version. No breaking changes, so no need to worry.

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