Monday, January 21, 2013

Umbraco 6 RC is here

Gentle(wo)men start your engines - Umbraco 6 RC has landed!

After more than 500 downloads and loads of feedback of the beta, we’ve worked hard on getting the last issues fixed and as the baby passed all the items on the release checklist this morning, we’re proud to mark it the Release Candidate, which is fancy lingo for “we think it’s ready and if you don’t prove us wrong really fast, this will be the release”.

In other words - Umbraco 6 is here and real.

But what is Umbraco 6 - 159 great reasons?

Umbraco 6 is everything you loved about Umbraco 4, but with a whole new - and super fast - data layer as well as a new Public API. If this sounds very technical, it simply means that Umbraco is now much faster and more stable in the way it fetches and stores your content and that developers have a much nicer way to interact with Umbraco that follow best development practices.

Umbraco 6 also brings true MVC support (as well as continuous Webforms support), native Razor support and a lot of bug fixes and polish. Like support for master Media types, filtering of what Document Types can be allowed in the root of your site and a bunch of new razor templates to make you work faster. All in all, Umbraco 6 is the product of 159 work items.

But I know and love Umbraco 4 - do I have to learn everything again?

No. Umbraco 6 is 99% compatible with Umbraco 4 and you can work the exact same way that you’re used to and use (most of) the packages you can’t live without. The core team have even made sure that legacy code and packages will be automatically enhanced as well, as usage of the old API will automatically be re-wired to the new APIs behind the scenes.

So while Umbraco 6 brings you true MVC support, native Razor support and a whole new shiny API, if what you love is your XSLT, your webforms and the weird API that I originally made, you can keep doing it in Umbraco 6. But of course we’ll strongly recommend learning the new free toys right in front of you. We’ll even relaunch Umbraco.TV in February with loads of new content to help you get up to speed.

But why are you even reading this, when you can play with Umbraco 6 instead. Go download now!

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