Thursday, July 25, 2013

Umbraco 6.1.3 Released

Today marks the release of Umbraco 6.1.3. Yes, just one version, your prayers have been answered and you no longer have the heavy burden of having to choose the right version for you. ;-)

So what's new? Notably:

  • The default datatype for a new property on a document type is now Textstring (which is by far the most frequently used) of course this is configurable in the umbracoSettings.config so you can choose your own preferred default
  • We now no longer truncate messages in the MiniProfiler so you can see all the information you need
  • The installer now has a checkbox for using Integrated Security for SQL server databases

Other than that this is a regular patch release, with 35 bugs fixed PLUS a whopping 20 (!) contributrions from you guys: the community. We love that the people who are passionate about Umbraco want to help fix what annoys them and the buzz is that now that the source is up on GitHub that helping out is so much easier. Keep up the good work, #h5yr!

Pull requests

Speaking of contributions, some of the larger pull requests we could use a little help on, if you're not subscribed to the development mailinglist yet, you might want to keep an eye on it as I'll regularly post screencasts to gather feedback. For example:

If you have any input on these or future pull requests then make sure to let your voice be heard. We don't bite (hard).


Time for you to download and install our shiny new release of Umbraco 6.1.3!

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